The Character Book Tag

It is time for another tag post! This one, as you can tell by its title, is about the characters we have read and love(or hate). I saw it on Regan’s channel PurseProject and thought this would be fun. So let’s begin.

The Questions:
1. Who is the best kick-ass character?

Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass. She is an assassin as well as a girly girl, who owns who it. I love how proud she is of herself, as well as being both physically and mentally strong. She is not afraid to ask questions and prefers doing what is right.
2. Which character do you most dislike?

Oh…. Where do I begin? I somehow have a list of characters that I dislike, and amazingly they are all pretty high up there on the dislike list. Let me just list some of those characters for you.

a)Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Not only do I hate this character, but this is a shared hatred with millions of other people both real and fictional. You know it is big when you have characters help another hated and despised character do harm onto this one.

b)Dr. Caldwell from The Girl With All The Gifts.  I said it before, and I will say it again, I don’t see how this person could be the world’s most smartest mind with all the stupid choices she has made throughout the book.

c) Daisy Crispin from Perfectly Dateless. She is the main character of this book, and the main reason why I gave this book such a low rating. She started off with so much potential and strength and lost it all in the end.

d) The King of Adarlan (Don’t Know his name) from Throne of Glass. Let us just call him the king that must die. He is so desperate for power that he is willing to kill off his own subjects and children to gain more power. In addition, this guy makes rules and purposely breaks his own rules. What kind of a leader is he?
3. If you could date any fictional character who would it be and why?

James “Jem” Carstairs from The Clockwork Angel. Jem is very sweet and gentle and was welcoming to Theresa.
4. If you could change a character in any way what would it be?

Aaron Tyler from Trouble. The one thing that I would love to change would be his courage to tell his best friend what really happened that afternoon when everything went down. I would also love it if Aaron realizes that the situation was not his fault.
5. What character to you made all the wrong choices that didn’t add anything to the book?

Aouda from Around the World in 80 Days. The chick did nothing in the book for the exception of being rescued and saying yes to Mr. Fogg’s proposal. The most useless character in all of history.
6. Which character was the best villain whom you love to hate?

Lilith from the Circle Trilogy. If the lady wasn’t just plain evil, have a desire to suck my blood, or just place me as her lowly servant, I would label her as a kick-ass character. She is really good at planning, fighting, and standing up to what she believes in. In addition, she is really good at caring about others in her own way. It is a little sad that she seems a little psychotic.
7. A favorite side-kick character with the most heart?

Brynn from the 80AD series. I love this character! What makes him a great sidekick is the fact that he is not perfect. He is a thief, he tends to lie and cheat, but he is lovable and hilarious. His sense of humor and heart makes him a great pair with Pheniox.
8. What is your favorite fictional romantic relationship?

Jack and Hazel from The Darkest Part of the Forest. I loved the relationship that these two have, and how they bonded over time.
9. What character did you think was the strongest?

Liz Taylor from Just Like Elizabeth Taylor. This girl is not strong physically but has strength in courage. For her to admit a situation and just leave is huge. On top of that, she helps other as well as keeping her best friend safe. It took a lot of courage for her to change her environment.
10. Best protagonist?

Picking your favorite main character is like picking your favorite book. I do not have a favorite main character. However to pick one, I would choose Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, and The Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles Crossover. I love how smart she, and isn’t afraid of danger. She gets in there and tries to fix a problem.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this tag. This tag was a bit harder to do, but I enjoyed the challenge. See you next time and happy reading!


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