Battle of the Labyrinth review

Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth, by Rick Riordan, is a fun, witty with humor, and adventurous. I really enjoyed the plot and how strong, not by strength, but moral character, some of the characters were in this book. I also enjoyed their growth and understanding of one another. Two characters that really stand out are Annabeth and Grover. Both of these characters really changed throughout this book. Both of these characters really dealt with personal struggle and came out to be really strong and powerful in their own way. Percy also grew in this book, but not as much. I feel as though Riordan is writing Percy as though he is the “stupid teenager.” I understand his lack of understanding of girls, but that much is a little ridiculous with his lack of understanding as to why Annabeth did not like Rachel.  

I am looking forward to how Riordan will close out this series. I want to know who will win, who will survive, and how lives of gods, heroes, and mortals will be affected by this great battle. I also really want to know what Nico has learned about his past. I feel as though both him and Thalia will play an important role in this battle, and that the prophecy is in some way talking about all three children of the big three. I just wish that Hera would realize the importance of Nico and allow him to be part of the family (If you are realizing that you think I have more to say you are right – I just do not think you want a soapbox moment right now).

In the end, I do recommend this book. I really believe that everyone will enjoy the challenges that our characters meet, and the growth that each character experience. Let me know what you think. Happy Reading!


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