Update, Dark Forests, and Bees… Oh My!

I wanted to give a little update before I write my review. This week I have started blogging 101. The idea is to get me into a good blogging habits, and use to writing on a daily basis. I did not do so bad for the first week. I was only behind twice. The first one was because I was confused when everything started, and then later on in the week when I was trying to balance work and blogging. Let’s just say I forgot that I worked one afternoon and was not prepared to answer the prompts. I am happy that I am caught up, and glad that I am taking the class. The prompts will be under the category Writing 101 if you want to read them.

Along with the daily blogging class, I also read two books. I finished reading The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black and The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.

20958632This first book the I read this week is The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black is about modern day town that is still connect to the magical world of Fae. Their biggest tourist attraction is a boy with horns that sleeps in the middle of the forest. One day the coffin breaks and the boy starts walking around town and problems starts to arise and it is up to the horned boy and three others to stop the problems.

There are so many things that I love about this book. One is the setting. It is fascinating to see a modern day world in a high fantasy setting. Seeing the mixture is not only awesome and cool, but it is done beautifully well. The other thing that was done beautifully well is the writing. I really enjoyed the poeticness of Black’s words. It not only felt real, but believable. Our narrator is a sophomore/junior in high school and even though the words are poetic, I still felt as though you did not lose the voice of the teenager. I also enjoyed the characters. I am not sure if it was their flaws or their personality, but I enjoyed getting to be with them and seeing the choices and the power behind those choices. Finally, I enjoyed the story. The story is much more than what I explained above, but to truly explain the book would require me to give some spoilers. I enjoyed the weakness and strength of our characters and the plot of the story. I also enjoyed its plot twist. It is an amazing book.

There is only one thing that I did not enjoy about the book. However, I must admit that it did not affect my rating to much. The part I did not like was the slow beginning. It took about 50 to 100 pages for the book to finally start moving and the characters to finally get some action. Most of the time was spent with character and world building. I must admit that this development is important and it does help establish a lot of the choices throughout the book. However, I almost put this book down because of the slow beginning, and wanting for our characters to get some action.

In the end I gave this book five out of five stars on Goodreads. I absolutely love this book and recommend this book to everyone. The story is fantastically done, and the adventure is epic. Just read the book, you will not be disappointed.

164832The second book the I read this week is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. This book is about a 15 year old girl who is tired of her father’s neglect and abuse and decides to run away after an incident happened that she had no control over. In the process of running a  way, she discovers a home that not only accepts and loves her, but help her overcome the pain that she has endured throughout her life.

There are three things that I like about the book. The first was the characters. I really fell in love with Lilly, August, May, June, and Rosaleen. They were fun and very relatable. The second thing that I like was how Kidd brought history to life. I not only enjoyed reading about the powerful historical moments that were happening in the 60’s, I enjoyed seeing how the effect everyone and everything. Finally, I enjoyed Kidd’s writing style. It was very artistic and beautiful. Her details throughout the book made the events come to life. You could feel the wind blowing against your face and see the colors of the trees. I also enjoyed how she intertwined her themes together through metaphor, similes, and analogies.

Even though I loved the book, there were still some issues I had with the book that affected my grading. One was the writing style. As much as I love it, I just don’t believe that a 14-16 year old wrote the book. I work with teenagers on varying degrees of writing at school, even some of the advance kids, and I can tell you I do not see or hear that kind of style being used. Kidd made her teenage narrator sound like an adult. The other problem that I had with the story was how everything nicely tied together at the end. This leads to my other problem, the lack of legal complications. This is the south during the 60’s. A black woman and a white girl got arrested due to a conflict with some racist white men. You expect me to believe that everything will be hunky dory and the charges will be dropped by November of the same year the girl ran away? That all legal charges will be dropped for both of them? I am not sure. I would love for that to be a possibility in the 60’s, but too much had happened in the book for me to believe for that to be a possibility. It bothers me that Kidd just happily tied those loose strings with an unbelievable act.

In the end, I gave the book four out of five stars on Goodreads. Even though the ending was a bit unbelievable, I did enjoy the writing style and the advice that was given throughout the book from August. Not only were the characters fun and believable, but reading about the 60’s was an amazing experience.

I do recommend everyone to read the book. However, I will put an age stipulation with the book. You should be fourteen and over to read the book.  Due to the historical content, I want to make sure that readers know about life during the 50’s and 60’s in America. Knowing the past would help bring a better understanding of the actions and choices of our characters, as well as their reactions and realizations.

I do hope that your weekend is going great filled with fun and adventures. Hope to see you next time. Happy Reading!


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