Percy Jackson #3 review

Percy Jackson and the Titans Curse, by Rick Riordan, was good. For me it started out slow, but the closer they got to the end of the quest the faster the book went in pace. However, I also felt as though this book was predictable. You knew who was going to die, I would be saying names, but I do not want to spoil the book. You also knew what problems would arise before the chapter even started. This did make the book a little boring. However, I am super stoked that I was right about Hades having a child. I did not expect him to have two children before the war… If you want, the details read the book, though I must admit I had little faith that this god would not have a child participating in this prophecy.

However, the two major complaints that I have seen for this book surround both Annabeth and Percy. For Annabeth, I will have to agree with a few people, in the beginning, she did act out of character, being stuck and caught. She made this weird irrational choice to jump onto a monster, I have yet to understand the logic in it, and then Percy was blamed for her “capture”. This character is very logical in the choices that she makes and to make such an irrational choice bothers me because the whole entire book surrounds that choice. As for Percy, the major complaint for him is his lack of understanding of the Greek Mythology. I hate to point out to people, that even after three books, and ninth grade, I still do not know a lot about Greek Mythology, so I am a lot like Percy, and I am more than thrilled for him to be asking those questions.

In the end, I gave this book three out of five stars on Goodreads. It is a fun read that I believe that everyone will enjoy. I really enjoyed some of the new characters and the introduction to the idea that there are humans can see through the mist beyond our heroes parents. I am also wondering what little twists Riordan will give to this labyrinth of a story.  Happy reading!


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