Nature, Magic, and Aliens… Oh My!

Okay, I realize that I have not made a post in a while. I am very sorry about that, but I have gotten some reading done. I have read at least three books, and I have started another.  I must admit that I was just lazy in writing these reviews. However, I am feeling a bit more productive right now, so I am going to write all three reviews.

The first book that I finished, was Never Say Die by Will Hobbs. The short story is about a boy who lived his whole life in the artic regions of the world spending time with his half-brother who is a wild life photographer for National Geographic. Throughout their time together, they have some difficulty with nature, rivers, and half breed Polar/ Grizzly bear.

I gave this book four out of five stars on Goodreads. I really enjoyed the story and the bonding that the boys went through. I must admit that I was appreciative that the writer did not dumb down his writing, but at the same time, you did not feel stupid. The story was also fast pace, with a consistent flow of events. I never had the experience of speeding up and then slowing down. The content was also really interesting with their focus of global warming and the changing weather patterns.

I am recommending this book to everyone. In the beginning, I did not think that I would like the book as much as I do. I really got the book for my mom, for her students to read thinking it would be at their level, and something interesting to read. In the end, I must say that I believe that everyone will enjoy the plot, the characters, as well as the writing style of this book.

So the second book that I finished, goes along with our Halloween theme, by having vampires, witches, Sorcerers, a queen, warriors, and a shape shifter. This book, written by Nora Roberts, Morrigan’s Cross, is about a group of six banding together to fight with an army of vampires in order to save worlds. This first book in the trilogy, focuses on the group coming together to prepare and learn how to fight.

For me this is a reread and I gave it five out of five stars on Goodreads. Do not ask me how many times I have read this trilogy because I have lost count. I must say that I enjoy the adventure and the character development that exist within this book. I also enjoy how strong the females are portrayed in this trilogy, they are not noted as the weaklings of the group, and they insist upon fighting and making their mark along the way. I really enjoy the story, and you don’t remember that it is a romance novel with all the fantasy elements of battles and creatures of the night.

I will recommend this book. However, I must note that there is some risqué content that I will put an age ban on it, and say if you are over 14 read at your own risk. This is Nora Roberts work and she is noted for her style of writing.

Finally, the last book that I have finished is Saving Mars by Cidney Swanson. This book is about a young girl whose dream to become a pilot saving her people who live on Mars. She has the opportunity to live her dream, but discovers that it comes at a price.

I did give this book four out of five stars. I did end the book wanting to continue the series, but the ending was a little sad for my taste, though it was an amazing cliffhanger. The author ended this book with more questions and hoping that the other books will provide more answers.

I did enjoy the plot and the characters. However, I do feel as though Jess, out main character, went from someone who is rough and whiny to someone a bit more soft. It was interesting to see her mothering role progress throughout the mission.  I also found futurist Earth to be a bit interesting and twisted, which contributed to the plot and the different views.

In the end, I would recommend this book to everyone. I love to have a discussion on people’s view of futurist Earth, and whether or not people would support the views that they have.

I do hope that everyone’s week will go great and that you will continue to enjoy your reading adventures. Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Nature, Magic, and Aliens… Oh My!

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