A Trouble(d) Review

Okay, I know… The title is a little corny, but I thought it was cute at the same time. So let’s move onto the review.

Trouble, by Non Pratt, is about two teenagers who become friends after an unlikely time. Hannah, is pregnant and had lost her best friend, while Aaron is the new boy at school. Both needs a friend and confine in each other. During Hannah’s pregnancy, Aaron pretends to be the father of the baby to protect Hannah from others who are making fun of her at school.

I did enjoy the book. It was a very interesting and different take on teenage pregnancy. I did enjoy both story lines, and was interested into what happened in the past, present and future for our two characters. The storyline is the main reason why it has the rating that the book has. Non Pratt had many twists that I did not see coming, such as the real father of the baby.  The other thing that I liked about the book was the development of our main characters. I do believe that Aaron made bigger strides and developed more throughout the book. Hannah did have some development, but not as much as I felt she should have throughout the nine months.

However, there are three things that I am not happy about for the text. The first one was the characters. I must admit that I did enjoy the growth of the main characters, however, I also did not care about the characters as much as I felt I should. There were moments in the book in which I could have cared less about a certain activity or event for the character. The whole point of the story is to get close to these characters and to relate to them on some level. In some moments I just felt that one character was being to shallow, or just being too whiny. On top of that, the reactions of the parents went from typical to extreme throughout the book. In some extreme cases, I would love to be in the parents mind to understand their choices. The other problem that I had with the text was the slow beginning. You were about 100 pages in when Hannah found out that she is pregnant and 200 pages in when Aaron and Hannah made the deal. Finally, I did not enjoy the ending as much as I thought I would. I wish that we had some time period after the baby was born to see how Aaron and Hannah adjusted to their new life as parents. I believe that it would not only developed our characters better, but also helped us create a better relationship with our characters.

When I started reading this book, this book was a solid three out of five. It all changed when we were half way through the book, in which the rating changed to four stars and stayed there until the end of the book. Even now I would give the book four out of five stars on Goodreads. The book was well written, and I enjoyed the twists that I did not expect.

As for recommending the book… I would recommend the book to most people. I do feel as though not everyone would enjoy the book as much. If you are into contemporary, realist romance fiction, than this book is for you!

I do hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Happy Reading!


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