Reviews on Amulets book 5&6

I wanted to do another quick review before this weekend is over. I just finished the last two books in the Amulet Series, by Kazu Kibuishi, in a very short time. I cannot wait for the next three books to come out.

Amulet book five looks into the past and the history of the Amulets and some of the theories that existed around using its powers. While we are learning about the powers and history of the amulet, we also get into the past of both Max and Trellis. We also learned about the void as well as the possibility of time travel, and weather or not it is real and possible. Book six continues with what book five is focusing on and we get two storylines, one dealing with Emily and the other one dealing with her brother Navin. Emily’s story line is inline with the amulets while Navin is dealing with leadership and trying to help out a mission. I am not going to give much details about book six because I do not want to spoil the series.

I gave both books five out of five stars on Goodreads. Like the previous books that I have read, I have loved the artwork. The artwork is fantastic, and in some ways I will just show you below before I ruin it with words. Just look at the artwork. I also enjoyed both storylines very well. They were very well structured and captivating. It was hard to put down the book, and upsetting when I found out that I have to wait for the seventh’s book release sometime this year (if we are lucky). I also enjoyed some of the elements that he added in these stories, like the void, the history, dangers and consequences, and powerful choices that our characters will face and make. I am looking forward to seeing how all these elements play out.

There are only two issues that I have with the story. The first one is the size of the book. Not in thickness, but in length and width. I feel as though the story would benefit with a larger book. The artwork is amazing, and some of those panels you would personally love to have as posters on a wall. The second issue that I have is one of pros. This deals with all the elements that Kibuishi has in his series. I do love each element, and I would love to see how they will play out, but I am wondering if he is juggling to many elements. Kibuishi did say that he will have nine books in this series, and if each book is going to stay around 200 pages like his previous books, I am wondering if he can addressed all those elements he adress throughout the series. I know it has been done before, I am just wondering if 600 pages is going to cover all those loose ends.

In the end, I do recommend this series to everyone. It does start of slow, but the story gets better after the third book, and the artwork is fantastic. I know everyone will enjoy and love the artwork as much as I have. If you have the chance, marathon the books. The books flow better when you marathon them, and the book don’t take anymore than an hour and a half to read. They are great quick reads.

I do hope that you had a wonderful Easter/ Springtime, and spent some great quality time with family and friends. Happy Reading!

Check out this video to see a passage of book five.


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