Chairs, Prophecies, and Thieves…Oh, My!

I have looked at all the reviews that I have done this year, I found out that I have done about five out of the fifty that I wanted to do. I am about ten percent through on the reviews. I have plenty of books to review, and about a week and a half before I start my crazy schedule to fit in more reviews. Though to be honest, some of these reviews are on my Instagram account. At least we know that I have been working on keeping my Instagram and Twitter account active.

So… Are we ready? I will be focusing on completing the reviews for the books that I have read during Booktubeathon. Those books will be Thirteen Chairs, Trails of Apollo the Dark Prophecy, and Story Thieves

IMG_2547Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton is about a boy named Jack who goes into this house on a whim. You get to experience in being in a house with ghosts telling ghost stories.

This book completed the challenge to read a book you bought because of the book cover. I also read this book in one day.

Let me preface a few things before I begin this review. I get easily scared. I do not do well with the horror genre, which is why I tend to stay away from it. I do not like reading a book to scare me. I do not find that enjoyable. When I bought the book, the cover intrigued me and I read the synopsis. After reading the synopsis I wanted the book. No part at this time did I ever got the vibes that I would be scared. I was just stoked read a book with some short stories. You would think that somewhere along the lines I would think scary stories with the premise of ghost telling ghost stories in an abandoned house. Instead, I was like, “Hmmm… Jack went inside and he is a curious boy. I am curious to know what Jack experienced.” The worst offense. I saw this book twice before I bought it.

In the end, I gave this book three out of five stars on Goodreads. If I could give out partial ratings, I would be giving this book three and a half stars out of five.  I was creeped out by the first three stories in the book. However, once I got to the Red Tree (the fourth book), I was not as scared. The first three stories made me think about my buying habits and what I was getting myself into. After that fourth ghost story, the rest of the book just didn’t scare me. There were a few that were unsettling, but not scary. Most of my negative ratings are going to come from this fourth story.

Most of my negative ratings are going to come from this fourth story. Let me start off by saying that I enjoyed the premise of the fourth story. I enjoy folk tales and I enjoy reading about folk tales from different parts of the world. However, I did not enjoy the heavy accent. There were so many grammatical errors, that I found the accent more of a nuisance than adding magic to the story. I felt that I spent more time trying to understand what the character was saying than enjoying the story he was giving. If it were not for the fact that I was reading this book for Booktubeathon, I would have most likely skipped this story. I feel as though this was the book that changed the feel and the pace for the rest of the book. In this case, the order of the stories did matter, and I felt as though he should have moved this character’s story towards the end of the book. I understood why certain charters went when they did, but this character could easily have swapped places with another character.

The parts that I did enjoy, was the fact that each character has their own persona in telling their story. It did add a bit of magic and realism to the story. I enjoyed getting to see each character play out their own little quirks throughout their time telling their ghost story. I know that I spent a paragraph complaining about the character’s accent in the fourth story. The other character’s persona, quirks, and accents did not deter me from the story itself. I also enjoyed some of the stories. I felt as though some of them theme and message. These stories were very intriguing and held my interest, even the ones that scared me. I had a hard time putting the book down because I was interested and invested in these stories.

Before I recommend this book, I will have to note there are a lot of trigger warnings. This book has so many that I feel that it should have a trigger warning on. This is considered as scary/ horror book. You are supposed to be afraid when you read this book. I know that I have established myself as someone who gets easily scared, which is why I am putting these trigger warning on here. This book does cover, death, theft, murder, possession, different types of mental illnesses, suicide (both accidental and on purpose), people cutting themselves, and bullying. I might have spoiled the book, and I am sorry. I just want to be extra careful, because I want people to be safe and to make a consciouses choice base off of their own needs.

I do recommend this story. If you are a person seeking a book to terrify you, and you are used to the horror genre, this book is not for you. That is the conses on Goodreads. Those who are used to and love the horror and scary genre, are not scared with these stories. However, if you are a bit afraid and do get easily spooked, this book might be for you. I do recommend skipping The Red Tree which is the fourth book. Understand that if you are skipping this story, you are skipping the character leaving the book. I recommend getting to the end of this character’s chapter. The author separated the book once the stories start, so our main character Jack, his story arc is continued in italics. Skip this story and read the italics at the end, and if you are interested in this story, read it after you are done with the book.

IMG_2546The next book that I read was The Trails of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan. This book actually covers several of the challenges like reading a hype book, read a book with a person on the cover, and read about a person different from you.

I don’t want to give out spoilers due to the fact that this is the second book in a series. But this book just continues on with Apollo’s adventure in trying to restore order with the oracles as a human.

I gave this book five out of five stars on Goodreads, and honestly, even if I was given the choice of partial ratings, I would still keep it five out of five stars.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed this book more than the first one. A lot of the problems from the first book haven’t gone away, but I can say it was not as cringe worthy as the first one. Apollo had done a lot of growing up and maturing throughout this book, as well as the time between the first and the second book. I enjoyed seeing a bit more of that mature side. It wasn’t all about “oh woe is me” and “I am a god. Where is my godly greeting?” We still had this in the book, but not as much as the first one. The other thing that I enjoyed is seeing the interactions of our characters. It was nice to see how Apollo and Calypso argue. It was nice to see them be a bit normal and quarrel a bit. In addition, I enjoy getting to spend some time with Leo and some of his crass humor. I also had more emotions in this book. There has been death in previous Rick Riordan books, but you just didn’t feel them as much. I just felt that the losses that we experienced in this book, felt more, or had more weight, than in some of his previous books.

The only problem that I had in this book is that it got annoying for both Apollo and Calypso having to explain to the same people that they did not have access to their powers. The times that they use them were weird coincidences. It was nice to see Apollo come up with a theory as to why he had access to his powers when he did, but it is a bit annoying to have to go through the rules over and over again. This also includes information. It got annoying for the same people to know and understand that you cannot have godly information inside a human mind, to be shocked that Apollo has no memory of certain events in his past. I feel like a better question to ask is why he has access to the parts that he has.

Other than that, the book is amazing and I do recommend this to everyone. However, you do need to read the first book before you read this one.

IMG_2540The last book in this long review, that I will be reviewing is Story Thieves by James Riley.

This book also covered several challenges for Booktubeathon. It covered, to read a book about a character that is different from you, and to read a book with a person on the cover,

This book is done in two perspectives. You have Owen who is the son of a librarian who is complaining about how boring life is, who gets his world turned upside down when he finds out about book jumping from his classmate Bethany who is half fictional. Both characters jump into a story and have to fix a mistake that Owen made when they jumped into his favorite story. Owen is stuck in the story and trying to fix what happened in the story, while Brittany is trying to fix things in the normal world when two of the characters from the story jumped out of the book and discovered the truth of their origins.

I gave this book four out of five stars on Goodreads. Even with partial ratings, I would still give this book four out of five stars.

As much as I want to hit the ground running with things that I did like about the book, I do want to talk about the one thing I did not like about the book. There was one thought that was prevalent thought throughout the book. That thought was, “this has been done before.” I do believe that this is because I read a lot of books that had to deal with book jumping. This year alone, I can count three books that deal with the idea of our main character, or characters, book jumping. I do not know if this topic is slowly becoming popular, but I felt as though this has been done before. On top of that, James Riley has written a series about a story book princess who grew up in the normal world and was transported back into the fairy book world.

With that stated, here are the reasons why I loved the book. One of them, is all the literary reference, especially towards Harry Potter. In the beginning of the book, so many books are referenced. Even the made up story is noted as a knock off to Harry Potter. In addition, I enjoyed jumping into War of the Worlds. All of the stories that have book jumping, our characters mainly jump into your typical fairy tales or beloved classics like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. Another thing that I enjoyed, was that with all the referencing that existed in the book, our author even referenced himself. It was interesting to see his other works on the shelves of the library as well as the librarian talking about her experience with him. That was quirky and cool. A third reason why I liked this book, is that James Riley played with your typical tropes. I do somewhat have a problem with it, in that it made me feel like I was reading something that I have read before. However, I enjoyed how he changed those tropes in the story. for example, one of our characters had your typical catch phrase and wink but changed the moment he realized how different things were. Another trope was Bethany’s father and how the parents met. Who was the story book character followed the typical trope, but how they met, wasn’t the same as the other books. Though it does make me wonder as to what book the character parent came from. In all, the story was fun, the characters were kind of believable, but the writing was amazing and I enjoyed the premise of the book. There were a lot of moments that I really enjoyed that stood out (that I cannot tell you due to spoilers), and I am looking forward to reading the next book.

In all, I do recommend this book to everyone. I do feel as though you will have fun and enjoy yourself in a world full of fictional characters in our world, and those of us in their world.

That is it for this review. I am sorry that this was a long post, but I do hope that you enjoyed all three reviews. If you have read any of the books, or have questions on what I have read, please leave a comment down below.

Until next time.

Happy reading from Super Bookworm


Serafina and the Black Cloak Meets Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index Review

The problem with coming up with a TBR for a readathon is that now all I want to do is to read all of the books that I have chosen. Sadly, in this case, I cannot. I just don’t want the stress of having to come up with a replacement book. I still have some books that I need to finish reading, but I decided that I was due for some reviews. So let’s hope that this will not be a really long post.

I will start off with the books that I have read in Booktubeathon.

IMG_2542The first book that I got to finish in Booktubeathon was Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty. This book is about a girl who lives in the basement with her father. One night as she is going through the house she sees a little girl running away from a man in a black cloak. When she is following the duo, she sees that the girl gets swallowed up by the cloaked figure. This brings us to the adventure of our girl trying to figure out who this cloaked figure is while trying to save the people whom he has consumed.

I gave this book four out of five stars on Goodreads. If I was to be honest, I would have given the book four and a half stars out of five. I really love our main character Serafina. I not only love her sense of right from wrong, I really enjoyed how realistic she felt. I enjoyed her honesty. She was not afraid to admit how terrified she was going through some of her situations that she was in. The only issue that I had with our main character was that I felt she was a bit too mature for a 12-year-old. The other issue that I had about our main character is her success in interacting with the world for the first time. for the 12 years of her life, the world never knew that she existed. the only human interaction that she had was her father. I felt that she was too successful in being able to interact with people and her new surroundings. I am sorry, that was the one really unrealistic aspect of Serafina. In a way, I really wanted to see her develop and grow from this new experience. There was no growth, in which Phycology and science claim there is a need for.

As the story itself, I enjoyed it. There were parts of the book where there was little to no action, and the book did go back and forth with the action. I will admit that those slow parts are your most important parts because there is a lot of details hidden within those sections. There were a couple of times where I had to reread sections because I felt like I was missing something. The other thing that I enjoyed about the story was there were a couple of moments in which I was creeped out. Let me highlight the word couple. I can actually tell you there were two moments that I was creeped out. The story isn’t horror. I would say it is a mystery with a couple of thriller vibes.

I did do a combination of reading the book as well as listening to the audio. I will have to say that the audio performance was really good. Cassandra Campbell is a great voice actress, and I felt as though she gave Serafina more of that realistic feel. I also felt as though she brought the story to life.

In the end, I do recommend reading this book. I believe that everyone will enjoy it. If you do not have time to read it, I do recommend the audio. I know that you will love listening to Cassandra Campbell’s voice and how she brings the story to life with her words.

IMG_2539The second book that I read during Booktubeathon was Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel. This book is about Juniper coming to terms with the loss of her sister and dealing with the grief that comes with it. In addition, you also have her trying to find closure with finding this mysterious lover whom her sister wrote a love letter to.

This is the part where I will try not to divert too much, but I do wish that Goodreads allow partial ratings for books. If I am to be honest, this book is 3.5 stars out of five. Instead, I am going back and forth giving the book three to a four-star rating. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the writing. I enjoyed the growth of our main character. It is just that I feel disappointed with this book. I just felt as though there should be more to this story. I am also disappointed in how this book ends (I am not going into details for a spoiler free review). I get why the author did what she did, but I still don’t feel the closure. I believe that a book should give you at least a different perspective, but should also fulfill you and inspire you. As much as this book does give you a new perspective and a different take on an experience, it did not fulfill me.

Before I recommend this book there are a few trigger warnings. In this book, there is abuse, talk of suicide, bullying, abandonment (from both a parent and friend), and a little bit of residual trauma from the accident. With that said, if you are triggered by any of these or just the talk of loss, don’t read this book. It is not worth it. I rather you be alive and safe than trying to read this book.

With that said, my recommendation for this book is to read it at your own choice. I do not feel confident in recommending this book to you (This is the other reason why I gave this book three stars on Goodreads). On one hand, I want you to read it for the sake of having a dialog about this book. I want to talk to you about who you think You might be, and about your thoughts on this book. On the other hand, I also do not want you to feel as disappointed about this book as much as I am feeling. As much as this book does give you a new perspective and a different take on an experience, I believe that when you finish a book you should be fulfilling.

I do hope that you enjoyed the reviews. If you have any questions or concerns or you just want to talk about the two books leave me a message down below.

Until next time.

Happy reading!

Day 2 Booktubeathon 2017

How did my day go?…. Let’s us be real, I did calculate that I have three hours of reading time today. However, I did complete the Instagram challenge last night, so that made it 4 hours. How much reading did I get done?… Well, I did complete one challenge, and I read about 114 pages from Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index.

So what challenge did I complete? I did the reading outside challenge. I was under a shady tree with my sunglasses on. Not my preferred reading style, but it had to be done. I did better today than I thought I would. The two books that I completed and read were The Book No One Ever Read and Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack: An Alphabetical Adventure. I gave both books a three out of five stars. Both books just lacked depth. The Book that No One Ever Read, felt like it missed an ending. I would go more into details about it, but I do not want to spoil the book. In the Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack, I just felt it lacked a story line. You had the same characters from the previous stories and books, but it was not as magical or as fun as those other books.

So what are my plans for tomorrow? Well, I got news from my boss and she is giving me the afternoon off. Which is good. Instead of working two hours in the morning I will be working three, which equates to an additional hour of reading. I will also not be picking my sister up, which is giving me more time in reading. So what do I want to do with all that extra time?

If I do not finish Juniper Lemon tonight, I will finish that tomorrow. In addition, I am planning on reading The Dark Prophecy tomorrow. I just got the audio book of it, so that will put me in a head start with reading it and getting those pages read. This is good. I am hoping to at least finish two books tomorrow. If I manage to get all that reading done, and I still have more time, I would also like to start The Girl Who Drank the Moon. I also have that book as an audio book. Which means I can utilize my time a bit better and organize my day to support all the work that I need to get done.

However, I was hoping to get my Instagram challenge for tomorrow done. It was nice getting it done a day early. That gave me an additional hour of reading in today. However, I ended up using that time sorting Legos. I still have a lot to sort, but I can leave that for next week, and get all the reading done. I did the important sets that had to be completed now.

But before I had to go and get ready for work tomorrow, I wanted to show you my entry for Booktubeathon. Today’s challenge was to show the world your favorite classic. I really do like this photo, and I found it a bit more fun and creative than what I did in the last one. I hope that you will enjoy it too.


But before I go, I do want to ask you, if you are participating in Booktubeathon, how are you doing? Have you completed any of the challenges? If so which ones? Are you enjoying any of the books that you have chosen to compete for this readathon?

Until next time. Happy reading!

Review of The Call

Alright. I am a bit excited to get things started. I know that it has been a while since my last post, and I hope that I will be making it up with a book review.

img_26151I did finish The Call by Peadar O’Guilin. I feel as though that this book is a mixture of Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games. The book takes place in Ireland, where it has been separated from the rest of the world because of the Fae. In doing so, the Fae has the ability to call upon the teenagers and hunt them in the land that they were forced to live (due to an ancient treaty), the Gray Lands. The teens have 3 minutes in our time to survive in the gray lands, or else they will either die or become part of the wildlife. You are following a group of teens who are going to school to be trained to survive in the Gray Lands and their experiences as they are getting called.

I gave this book five out of five stars on Goodreads. There were so many things that I enjoyed with this book. Of course there were those few things that I did not enjoy, but in the end, the book did stick with me for a few days, and I really did enjoy the book overall.

Let me start off with our pros. I really enjoyed that it was a dark, suspenseful, and an intense read.  The book was not easy to put down, and there were moments where I was debating on whether or not I should be responsible or not, because I wanted to read the book and not go to work or do things that I knew that I had to get done. Another thing that I enjoyed and loved was how the characters were relatable, even the characters that I hate. It made the events believable and real. It also helped you sympathize with the characters and what they have experience in the Gray Lands. O’Guilin wrote his characters in such a way that you would understand their thinking and reasoning behind such choices and experiences. I especially loved our main character. I enjoyed the fact that even though she is physically disabled, yet she is still strong and smart. In fact, I remember reading the first few pages and celebrating on such an amazing character. I am more in love with her on the fact that she hates it when people baby her because of her disability. I also enjoyed how O’Guilin used these characters to play with labels and teach us to not judge a book by its cover. He did not just pick on the whole weak being able to survive, but also played with other cliches such as the strong hero being the bad guy or the depressed sick teacher being the leader of darkness. Finally, I enjoyed the different themes within the book, such as friendships, love, kindness, growing up and what it means to be human, not just survival.

However, as much as I loved our book, there are two things that I did not like about the book. Sadly, this does take place at the end of the book and there will be spoilers (so if you want to skip this, you may). The first thing that I did not like was the amount of loose ends that happened at the end of the book. It just left so many unanswered questions that I felt as though we could have had an extra chapter to happily tie those up. Some of my questions are:

  1. What happened to the traitors? Did they get their wish granted?
  2. What was with the crazy woman who wished to be in the Gray Lands? What was her exact wish? Did she make sure that she would not be hunted while she lived in the Gray Lands?
  3. Were there more wars between Ireland and the Fae?
  4. Was Ireland ever able to connect back to the real world?

The other thing that I did not like was how depressing the ending was. Here we are supposed to celebrate the human’s victory, but we end it with a sad reminder of death and loss friendships. Those were the main two problems that I had with the book.

In the end, I would love to recommend the book to everyone. However, I do fear that this book could trigger some people who have anxiety or suffer from PTSD. I can tell you that this book did cause some anxiety problems, and I was struggling with it, but the book was worth it. In the end, I can only speak for myself when it comes to my anxiety. But I do recommend this book to anyone who would like to read dark and intense books, especially if you like both the Hunger Games and the Game of Thrones. It is beautifully formulated and a lot of fun to read and experience.

That is it for the review on The Call. I do hope that your weekend went great and that you will have a wonderful week. See you next time and happy reading.

A Magical Review

A week ago I read Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, and I just recently finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child a few days ago. Fantastic Beast  will be a short review, while the Cursed Child will be a lot longer with a lot of spoilers. So let us get started.

IMG_2455[1]Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander (J.K. Rowling). I gave this book three out of five stars on Goodreads. This is a textbook that Harry, Ron, and Hermione used when they went to Hogwarts to study magical creatures. This book was written for Comic Relief to help raise funds to get rid of poverty. The comedy does come in the form of the side notes and conversations that the three had throughout the book.

This book does read like a textbook. The comedy only comes in the form of the side conversations and notes that the three made throughout the book. There is a 10-page section where it is just the textbook with no side notes or conversations. It was the thing that I wished for that there was more of those side notes and conversations throughout the book. I enjoyed reliving some of those moments in the series, as well as getting to see more of this world. I will admit almost off of the side notes and conversations were funny.

As for recommending the book. I would say read it. The side conversations are fun, but I imagine this book will be a lot of fun to have in your hands as you are watching the movie, checking off all the “beasts” that we get to see in the movie. It is a bit gimmicky, but the book is going to a good cause. As for owning the book. The book is no longer in print, so owning a copy would be expensive. I ended up checking this book out at the library.

Now, onto the play!

Before I begin with the play I want to make a disclaimer that I am not a fan of reading plays by myself. I know that it sounds stupid, I have had some bad experiences with reading plays and when it comes to a play, I am very cautious about it. On one hand, I do want to read it, but I feel as though you should always read plays with a group of people. I feel as though plays require that uniqueness as well as these different presences to help bring the story to life. I also want to warn you that there will be spoilers!
IMG_2444[1]Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is about father-son relationships and how the past can affect these relationships as well as the father and the son. I did give this book four out of five stars on Goodreads, but if I was honest, I would give this book 3.5 to 3.75 stars out of five.

Let’s first talk about the story line. I did enjoy the story as a whole. Being able to revisit the fourth book with the Triwizard tournament, and being in the present was amazing. It allowed us to see old and new characters. I did not mind the time turner aspect. It made sense that it would now be a black market item and that dark witches and wizards would go through trying to recreate or get their hands on a new one. I know that the time turners is one of the controversies with this play, but I will say that if you spend the time thinking about it, it fits. I will reference The Chamber of Secrets and Harry’s accidental blip in Knockturn Alley, where Harry was in that store that sold artifacts of a dark and questionable pasts. The owner of the store was reference by Draco as being someone who would try to recreate something similar to that. I will also admit that the play did read like fanfiction. I am not sure if this is a pro or a con. On one hand, I did enjoy the quick pace of the story as well as the intensity of some of the scenes. At the same time, I also wished things would be fleshed out and were given more details. The one thing I really did not like about the story line was how we covered three years of Scorpius and Albus being at Hogwarts in one scene. I will admit that there were moments where I wished that the play was in storybook format. I felt that there were scenes that needed to be fleshed out with the characters perspectives. I felt that those perspectives would have been better, and helped us relate and love our characters a bit more.

I will also talk about another controversy of the play, which is the characters. I will admit, that millions of people I fell in love with Scorpius and his little geeky self. He is adorable. However, I am not a fan of the name. Way before we ended up with the height of Voldemort’s rule, I kept reading his name as Scorpion. I could not figure out why Draco would pick the name Scorpius for his child. As for the other character, I do feel as though there are a bit of change, without context. I do understand that we did skip 20 years into the future, but there were some things that did bother me. One of them was Ron. There is a difference between movie and book Ron, and I felt that they just took movie Ron and put him into the series. Movie Ron became more of the comedic relief, and that was this Ron. I did enjoy the humor that Ron gave, and felt that those moments do need to exist, however, I felt as though we lost a bit of book Ron. I felt as though Ron could have been in better use and help flesh out some of the plots as well as help develop some arcs and growth. There are some other character issues. One of them is the Harry freak out on McGonagall. I understood that Harry was freaking out over his missing son and the events that were happening, but I also felt as though that was a bit out of character. I am having a hard time believing that he would ever threaten McGonagall or the school, let alone say some of those harsh things. I could see Draco saying those things, but not Harry. The other character change is Draco. I did enjoy seeing him being a bit nicer to Harry and the gang, and even telling Harry the truth about how he felt. However, he kept switching sides between old Draco and new Draco. I felt as though Draco’s development should have been fleshed out more as well as developed more. For both Harry and Draco, the fatherly role is a great story arc, and is was the focus for most of the story, it just should have taken more time and we should have seen more a development for both of them. Even a development for their relationship for each other should have been fleshed out more.

I am on the fence for recommending this play. I did enjoy it, for its nostalgic purposes. Even though that I did enjoy the story as a whole, I did have some problems with the play that seems to be a constant problem. In short, like millions out there, I do feel as though this should have been in story format. Having the play is great, since I will not be able to travel to London to see it, I am glad that I do get to be a part of it. Nevertheless, I do wish that we could have had both the play as well as the book.

I do hope that you have enjoyed my magical reviews in the world of Harry Potter. Enjoy your week and I will see you next time. Happy reading!

Witchcraft Review

I will admit, that when I was reading this book, I was sharing this book with a friend. Part of it was because I wanted to get one book done for Booktube-a-thon, but it did not work out like that. My friend did get involved with the storyline, and we were not able to finish the book in one or two get together. However, I was able to get it counted towards my 2015 reading challenge goal. This was the first book that I have read with a friend, and I will admit that it does affect my rating on this book.

Witchcraft, by Jayne Ann Krentz, is about a mystery writer named Kimberly Sawyer who lives in the Northern California area. When a hooded figure starts to threaten her she knows that she needs protection and gets help from a Napa winemaker, Darius Cavenaugh.

I gave this book three out of five stars on Goodreads. I believe that the reason why I gave it this rating because I enjoyed it with my friend. There are a lot of cons, and many of them were laughable when I was with my friend. I can guarantee you that there was a lot of questioning as to the reality of this book, and the choices that the characters were making, as well as my lack of judgement. I believe that if I read this book by myself it would have been two out of five stars on Goodreads. The book was not bad, but as a love story taking place in the 80’s it was unrealistic. Just to note, there will be spoilers. 

With that note, let me start off with all the cons for this book. My main concern for this book was that it was laughable for a romance book. Not laughable as funny, but laughable and unbelievable. For example, Kimberly had sex with a guy she barely knew for a day. This made the choices of the main character highly questionable. This leads to my next, and final, disappointment. I would have loved to see more of the characters thinking and reasoning. Like why Kimberly married Darius and invited her grandparents. One, she barely knew the guy for a week and decided to marry him with them almost constantly arguing and two she only just met her grandparents and was still not on likeable terms with them after what happened in the past (abandonment). All of these cons existed throughout the book.

However, there were a few pros. My first one was the mysteriousness that did exist throughout the book, like what happend in the past, who was after Kimberly and Cavenaugh. However, after a while, some of that mysteriousness did get annoying after a while. For example, the past in how Kimberly and Cavanaugh met, Krentz mention that past event several times within two pages. Both my friend and I were hooked on what happened, but at the same time we were both exhausted from being constantly reminded that we did not know what happened in the past. I also enjoyed the fight that Cavenaugh had with Kimberly’s fictional male character. It was interesting to see how the dynamics between real and fantasy, and how we as people tend to want fantasy to come to life, but it doesn’t work. The other thing that I enjoyed, which is most likely a negative, was laughing with my friend as we tried to read this book. Those character decisions and cheesy 80’s references were hilarious, and I enjoyed getting a chance to share a book with my friend.

In the end, I am really not recommending this book. Even though I enjoyed sharing this book with my friend, it was very cheesy and unbelievable. I feel as though you should not be laughing at a love story for those reasons. The book can work as a guilty pleasure, but there are other better books that will fit and maintain this category.

I do hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Hope to see you soon and happy reading!

Go Set a Watch Man To Kill A Mockingbird Review

This was the hardest review for me this year. Part of it was not knowing whether or not I wanted to rewrite my review on To Kill a Mockingbird, and part of it was my review itself for Go Set A Watchman, by Harper Lee. In the end, I decided to link my old To Kill a Mockingbird review with a few highlights that I have gained from rereading it this year.

My rating has not changed from the last time that I have read this book. I still give it five out of five stars on Goodreads. However, there were two things that stuck out to me as I was rereading this book.  The first was how I realized more of the poetic imagery that Harper Lee uses to describe people, places, and ideas. I know that this is my third time reading this book, but I loved the imagery and the poetic cadence of her words throughout the book. I also realized how much growth and development happened during the summer and how much time passed. It is about three to four years. I will admit that there were some events that happen during the winter/ school year, but they were few and only were mentioned if they pertain to growth, but our main focus has always been during the summer months. Those were the two things that stuck out to me as I was rereading this book. Let’s move on to Go Set A Watchman.

US cover of Go Set a Watchman.jpgGo Set A Watchman by Harper Lee focus on Scout’s transition from her illusion of her past to the reality of the present as she grows to understand more about herself and the people whom she loves.

I gave this book two out of five stars on Goodreads. The book was okay, but I was more frustrated with the book than enjoying it. It was not until I was finished with the book, did I realize the importance of what was going on that I finally gave it a better rating. It did take me 24 hours to reflect and think about the experiences, was I able to end my frustration with the book.

I will forewarn you now that I will be giving out some spoilers. Part of it is because I have no better way explain to you why I felt this way towards the book without giving you a bit of the book. I feel that by giving you some details, you can better understand my reasonings and my opinions. Lastly, I am also not recommending this book to anyone. Let me start off with some of the cons that I have with this book.

The first problem that I had with this book was the writing style. I felt that the writing styles between both books did not match. I understand that it has been 50 years since Harper Lee wrote her first book, and we never got to grow with her on her writing style. In addition, I have also done some research and found out that she got a lot of help with her first book with her publisher. However, I still feel that her sentence structures, sentence flows and cadence of her writing were completely different between both books. I will admit that there were small passages in which I did feel as though where the two books match in writing styles. For example, there is a moment in which Scout looks back into her past to when she starts having her periods and the misconceptions that she gains about sex and how babies are made. Being 12-year-old Scout thinking that she is pregnant, she starts to describe Autumn and how sad it was that she would have to die. It is this description of Autumn that was so beautiful and poetic, that it almost made me change my favorite season. It was that one little description that made me feel as though the two books were connected. However, those moments were very few. I still felt as though the writing was choppy and disorganized.

The next problem that I had, was that the events and some of the characters did not match. I do understand that with the characters that people change over time, but please give me a second to explain. I remember that in To Kill A Mockingbird you have the uncle visiting his niece and nephew, however, in Go Set A Watchman Scout made a comment about how her uncle has always lived eccentric in Maycomb not far from either home. That is what I mean, I know that people change, but when we go into a perspective of including a person’s past, all of a sudden the characters do not match. You also have past events that took place in both books not matching, for example, the court case.  There were important events and ideas that were established that was not consistent from one book to the next. In To Kill a Mockingbird, I remember the questions about Mayella’s age and how she was 18 when the event happened, and how Tom was still sent to prison but was killed. However, in Go Set A Watchman, Mayella was 14 and Tom was acquitted (pg.109). Let’s just say that I almost put the book down to never pick it back up. This major detail is the main reason why I am still debating whether or not Harper Lee actually wrote the book.

The last problem that I had with the story was minor details that I wished put into the story. These details I feel would be a better bridge between the past and the present and help us understand our character’s growth and development. The first question is dealing with Jem’s death. You can kind of gather that he died during the WWII. That is it. I would still like more details surrounding Jem and his death. I don’t want the bloody gory details, but something to confirm my suspicion. The other question I had, is about Dill. It sounds like something happened and there was a falling out with Dill and the family. I would like to know what happened. The way Scout mentioned Dill made it sound like the falling out happened before Jem’s death. Finally, I would like to know what happened to Boo Radley and why her family had to move. I know that her old home became an ice cream store and that whole street was developed into a store front, but I would like to know why, and what happened to Boo once this happened.

However, I do have one good thing to say about this book. After finishing the book, I started to realize the huge importance that the book had in taking Atticus off of this pedestal. I feel that in school, as well as in life, in America, we placed Atticus on this righteous pedestal as the exemplary man going against racism in a very racist south. Is it my imagination that we did this as an American Culture? Or was it just White people who have done it? I truly enjoyed growing with Scout, and even more so, enjoyed the fact that the book made me think about my views on a character and wheater or not my views are accurate.

As I have mentioned before, I am not recommending this book. Even though I felt that the book was okay, and I realized its importance of taking Atticus off of that pedestal, I was mostly frustrated with the book. I did not enjoy that important moments that happened in To Kill a Mockingbird did not match in Go Set A Watchman. I also felt as though the writing styles were not matching and wondered throughout the book if Harper Lee truly wrote this book. With this frustration and wondering, I will just go ahead and save you trouble and claim that you should not read this book.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this review. Sorry, that it was a bit long. Please let me know your reviews/ views on both (or either) books. I do hope that you will have a wonderful weekend. Happy reading!


I want to add a retraction to Go Set A Watchman. Apparently Go Set A Watchman is a companion novel for To Kill A Mockingbird. This was the original manuscript that Harper Lee produced and sent to publishers. Which makes sense as to why events don’t match up. I find it interesting that before the book was published that it was labeled as a sequel. Think of it as an alternative universe for To Kill A Mockingbird, or a remake.

My rating still stays the same. I prefer the original 1960’s published book over this one. I like the more developed characters and landscape of To Kill A Mockingbird. My recommendation is also the same, especially if you are the fan of the original.