The Son of Neptune Review

I loved the book The Son of Neptune. Gave it five out of five stars on Goodreads. I loved the characters, both new and old, and the plot. I also enjoyed the lovely dialog between our heroes.

To start, I loved our characters. I was so escorted to see both Percy as well as Nico. It made sense for Percy to have forgotten his memories, it was the same thing that happened to Jason. However I was beyond excited to see Nico. I actually had to stop reading as I celebrated the reintroduction of Nico. I must admit that I was upset not I see Nico in the last book. However, I was surprised that Nico was not surprised about seeing Percy with his memory lost. In fact, it look like he knew what Ed going on, and the plans that Hera have with the seven demigods. As for our new characters. I love having Frank and Hazel. I really am excited to see what these two characters will do in the future. I am also glad to meet Ella. She was my favorite character in this book.

The plot was great too. I found bit interesting that Percy and his gang had to free Death, like Jason and his crew had to free Hera. However, I did enjoy the background plots and story. I even enjoy the origins story of how all this started and how it started with Hazel during WWII before the Titans.

Though the best part was the dialog. There are so many little liners that I would love to quote, but I am afraid to give way to much of the boom and ruin it for everyone. In short, there is good dialog between the characters that will make you laugh.

I do hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Happy reading.


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