Reflection on 2016

Well, this is interesting. I did not know that I started this. I am glad that I decided to go back into unfinished posts. All the questions look like they are a part of some readathon, but I am not sure which one. Even though we are almost half way through the year, I would still like to answer these questions.

Let’s begin.

1. Did you reach your 2016 reading goal?

I barely made it. Towards the end of the year, I ended up reading a lot of graphic novels and novellas to get to my goal. 2016 was a weird year. It was the year of my most massive book slump. I did not feel like reading that year.

2. What were your favorite books this year?

I would like to take a moment to appreciate that whoever wrote this questionnaire wrote books and not book. Thank you for realizing that one cannot simply just choose one book, no matter how hard one tries. As a result here is my list of favorite books of 2016.

  • Remade – This was a series that I have grown to love. However, I have not finished the last book. I kind of wanted to wait for the next season to read the last book.
  • Are we there yet? – I loved this children’s book. It was fun and creative.
  • Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor
  • How to Hang a Witch
  • P.S I like you
  • Wonder
  • More Than This
  • The war that saved my life

These are just some of the few books that I loved from last year.

3. What were your least favorites?

This year was the year that I actually experienced some pretty disappointing reads. I do attribute it to a number of books that I challenged myself to read. Here are a few of the books that I was not so happy when I finished them.

4. Was there a book that made you stretch out of your comfort zone?

I would have to say that The Call made me stretch out of my comfort zone. The book was great, but it is was also terrifying.

5. Did you discover any new genres?

I don’t know if it would count, but I discovered Serial Books. They were easy to get hooked on, and a quick fun read.

6. If you participated in any of our yearly challenges, what was your favorite?

I cannot answer this question since I do not remember where this questionnaire came from. I will have to say that I enjoyed doing both of the Book-tube-a-thons as well as the bout of books.

That is my quick reflection of all the books that I have read in 2016.

I do hope that you enjoyed this post, and sorry that it came out so late. Hope to see you soon. Happy reading!

Dewey’s April Readathon Reflection 2016

Alright, this readathon when a bit differently than my past one. I must say that I did have fun hosting my Alphabet Soup challenge. I might bring that back for future readathons (with some slight modifications). However, I was not happy that Facebook was not giving me updates when people were posting questions and comments. I will apologize for the very slow delay in answering questions.

My day was quite busy between working two jobs, helping at a serving, and hosting the challenge. I did get read a total of 6 books. Three graphic novels, one 300 page novel, one children’s book, and I got to finish (part my DNF pile) one classic.Which brings me to a total of 706 pages read.

I feel as though this was a very successful readathon and I hope that you had some fun. If you participated in the challenge, please answer my survey in the comments below. If I do this challenge again, I would like to improve it, and having your feedback will help.

If you participated in the readathon, how did it go for you? Did you have fun? What was the best part of the 24 hours?

Have a wonderful week and happy reading!