Book to Movie Tag

I decided to break things apart with another book tag. Found this book tag on PurseProject, and thought it would be fun. I have provided a like link to the tag above. Let me forewarn you about the rant, but the tag itself is fun. I just pick five books that I would love to see as a movie.

5. The Circle Trilogy Trilogy by Nora Roberts – There is so much that I would love to see on the big screen, beyond the big epic fight scene at the end of the series. The characters are great, and each moment of the book is fantastic. Every time that I have read this series I always want to see it in a movie format. If anything, I would love to see it as a live action, believing that it would fit better with the story line, characters, and settings of the movie.

4. Eragon by Christopher Paolini – I know that there was a movie done on the first book, however, they did not follow the book or made a good movie. I was very upset after the first movie. However, I still love the series, and I feel as though they should try and redo the series. New cast, new everything, and a chance to follow the book better.

3. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – I love this book, and I wished to see it as a movie the moment I finished reading the book. I enjoyed the characters as well as the story. I do see this book as a mixture of live action and animation. I believe that the fan fiction or writing that did not belong to the storyline should be done in animation, while the story itself should be live action.

2. The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan – I loved this series, and wanted it as a movie the moment that it was finished. I loved all our characters, and would love to see their movie counterparts. Maybe we can also have a remake of the Percy Jackson series. That way the transition from the original series to this spinoff would not only be great, but smooth.

1. 80AD Series by Aiki Flinhart – I loved this series, and enjoyed reading it. When I first read it, I did have a problem if I wanted it as a real live action or as an animation. However, I believe it would be cool if we can see it as both. A mixture of both live action and animation. I believe that this series screams for this. It would not only be fun and adventurous but great for family and people of all ages.

That is it. Those are the five books that I would love to see as a movie, hopefully sometime soon. I do hope that your week is great and that you are enjoying the many adventures around you. Happy reading!


Paper Towns Review

Today, I will be reviewing the book Paper Towns by John Green. I am actually looking forward to seeing the movie, which was my inspiration to reading this book. The movie looks good, but it will be different from the book.
The book is about a high school senior, Quentin (Q), who was given the chance to have an adventure with his enigma next door neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman.  After their little adventure, Margo disappears and Q is lead on this mystery to find Margo through the clues that she left behind.

There were a lot of parts that I enjoyed about this book. The biggest part, was how captivating the book was. I really did not want to put the book down, and wanted to know what happened next. The other part of the book that I loved was how funny it was, especially the ending. Another thing that I enjoyed about the book is the comparisons and analogies that John Green had throughout the book. I have read two of Green’s previouses works, and I don’t remember the heavy comparisons between other works and our characters, like he did in this book. It was really, not just enjoyable and fun, but refreshing as you are trying to figure out what will happen next, and how the story will pan out. I also enjoy the the adventure itself. It was fun to see Q, along with his friends, solving all these clues and finding Margo. The last thing that I enjoyed was the growth of Q. It was great to see Q starting off a as a shy and playing it safe kind of guy, growing to someone who goes on random adventures with friends. It was great seeing him find himself and exploring and thinking about concepts and ideas that he never thought or ventured to before.

As much as I love the book, there were a few things that I did not like. One of these points was the rate of Q’s growth. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed his growth, but I felt as though it went a little too fast, and not as believable. In a course of two weeks Q went from playing by the rules and being safe, to someone who would randomly go on a car trip up to New York. The other problem that I had was the building scene that Q went to to find Margo. We find out that the building has a type of dangerous mold that is known to kill people unless you wear the proper gear. I found it interesting that both Margo and Q know about the building’s problem and yet they still decided to stay in the building. It did not seem like it would match Q’s personality. The final problem that I had with the book was Margo dropping out of school with only two weeks left of school. Please understand that I did spend six years studying to be a teacher, and I know that this will influence me in my decision, but it just bothered me that Margo could not wait for two weeks before she ran off, or made sure that she could still get her diploma before running off.

In all, I did give this book five out of five stars on Goodreads. I did enjoy this book and the adventures of Q. It was nice to see the parallelisms between Q and his story to some of the other characters and works throughout the book. I also enjoyed the humorous writing that existed throughout this book.

Last but not least, I will recommend this book to everyone. I do believe that everyone will not only enjoy the story and adventure, but the humor, characters, and the parallelisms that Green wrote throughout the book.

I do hope that your Easter weekend is going great, and it will be filled with family, laughter, and wonderful memories and adventures. See you next time. Happy Reading!

Ender’s Game Movie Review

I am so excited! I got to see Ender’s Game in theaters, today. I must say that I am impressed with the movie, but I am also shocked with all the difference there were between the book and the movie even with the author participating in the making of the film. I believe the Orson Scott Card helped produced the film.

Normally, I would stick to books; however, I just have a feeling and a need to talk about this movie because I have read this book for the purpose of watching it in theaters. I also read the book out of my own curious interest due to the amazing reviews that I have heard from friends and family.

First, I want to talk about the actors that they choose for the film. All of them were amazing, especially the one that they choose to play Ender, Asa Butterfield. I really do feel as though Asa Butterfield really capture the essence of Ender very well. The other actor that I want to mentioned is the one who played Bonzo, Moisés Arias. The person who played him was the little kid, Ricko, from Hannah Montana. I must admit that his height was a problem. I never realized how short he was until this movie. Asa Butterfield, who played Ender, towered over Moisés Arias. I must admit that Moisés did an amazing job, overcoming the height by using props and his surroundings.

I also have to admit that some of the graphics and CGI was good. I enjoyed seeing the space station, and some of the different settings, like the lake house. I also enjoyed some of the futuristic vibes that existed throughout the movie; however, they only occurred during “training.” Many of the Earth scenes did not continue with that vibe, and I felt like the movie was taking place a few (3-5) years from now.

Aside from those two positive points for the film, there were a few negative. Some of them, I understood why these changes were done in for the film, others not so much.
One of the biggest changes from book to movie was Ender’s age. The book started when ender was around 5 or 6 years of age and followed him consistently for about six years, then skipped to fifty to sixty years later. In the movie, it showed that he was about 12 to 13 years of age. I understood for this change. One was it was cheaper to hire one actor to play Ender, then several. The other one, I believed, would be for marketing. I do not believe that a lot of people would want to watch a 6 year old kill someone. I believe that by making Ender older, it made it a bit more acceptable for Ender to be the commander and killer that he needed to be.

However, there was another change to Ender that really bothered me. I swear that movie Ender cried more than book Ender. I believe that they were trying to make Ender a bit more “human” and relatable for the audience. However, I felt as though it made Ender a bit weaker, than who he is. Movie Ender cried at scenes I felt as though he should not have cried at, such as, the moments after the fight with Bonzo. I understood that Ender cried in the book, but he never cried in front of people. However, in the movie, Ender was crying in front of people.

Another difference was the length of time Ender spent training for the massive invasion. This difference does go with Ender’s age, however it’s different. In the book, we did go through the course of several years, however the movie only gave us a month, may be a year, but it did not feel like it. When I saw the movie trailers, I was expecting less than six years, but more than the time that they gave us. I guess, I was thinking that they would do it in a course of a few years, three maximum: thus dividing the years as, two years in battle school, and one year in command school. Maybe command school being six months.

Another difference was that the end of the book never happened. I really do not want to spoil the book for those who have not read it, so I will try to keep this short and unspoiled, if possible. In the book you have Ender doing his last simulation and finding out that it was real, which caused complication both on the base as well as on Earth. These complications thus resulted in Ender never being able to return to Earth and leaving him the choice to stay on the base or to travel with his sister to colonize other planets. Then you have the colonization process and Ender’s discovery. I really hope that that little summary did not ruin the end of the book for several people. However, I can guarantee you that this did not happen in the movie. Movie ended with Ender’s discovery, and then to explore space and peace. And the reason for this change actually is another change that happened to the film.

This change was Peter’s conquest of the world. In the book, Peter manipulated Val to do his bidding to help me gain political power. However, because the time was cut so short from book to movie, we never got to see that conquest, as well as the success. Not having this element changed the ending and the story line itself. However, it required time to exist and elapse for us to see this success. This is why I believe that the story took place in a month (no more than a year). I really do believe that they could have added this element if the movie showed the characters growth over the course of a three years.

I am starting to realize that I am nitpicking at the movie and I did not want to do that, spending two pages talking about the differences between the two. So, I want to gloss over some of the other differences. I really had a hard time seeing why some of these differences occurred, and believe that many of them could be due to lack of time. Most of it surrounds the difference of Ender’s experience at Battle School. It felt rushed and lacked a bit of authenticity to what was happening at that school. Another difference was how the school used Val to get Ender to do their bidding. It was interesting to see it happen only once in the film, and I felt as though that they could have used that interaction from Val to create Ender as human and relatable.

In the end, I would have to give this movie 3.5 stars out of five. The acting was great and the story was enjoyable. However, I did not leave the movie theaters needing to buy this movie again, or having a desire to watch it. As enjoyable as the movie was, I did not love it. This is why I gave it 3.5 and not a 4 star rating. I could not give the movie a three, because I felt it deserved more, but I just could not give it a four. I almost spent two pages ranting about the differences between the movie and the book.

As for recommending the movie… I would say if you have not seen it, do so. I am very interested to get your opinion of the movie. The movie is not bad. The acting, CGI, the graphics, as well as some of their scene shots are amazing, and I know that many people would enjoy it. That I am a bit hesitant on the plot line. Those who have read the book might not like the movie as much as those who have not read the book. However, my mom has not read the book, and she claimed that she felt as though the movie was lacking something. As for your opinions, I can wait until you want to rent the movie or watch it on Netflix. I just do not feel it worth paying 10.00 to go see it in theaters.

Percy Jackson Review of Book 1 and 2

I am so sorry for the late post. I was so busy yesterday. I went to work in the morning and afterwards I went to our county fair with a friend. We had fun. My sister started a collection with a friend, and we got to see animals, old friends, and live entertainment from Ronald McDonald to the band that played later on that night. By the time I got back home, it was late, and I was tired. On the bright side, I do have two book reviews that I will be able to give. I am starting a new series, and I hope to finish it before the end of this month.

The first book review will be Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  Let me just say, that the movie is not like the book. I was never able to read the book during the height of its time. I am not very interested into Greek Mythology and at that time, I did not want to read something that I was not at all passionate about it. However, I did watch the movie because I was a bit interested in the book and wanted to see what it was all about.

Back to the review. I was very surprised with the changes that they made for the movie, and how certain events never made it to the screen. I was even more amazed with how they changed first encounters with monsters. For example, Medusa… When the three heroes met Medusa she owned a shop and was called Aunty ‘Em. Percy did chop the head off of her, but only after they were outside in her garden trying to take a “picture.” In the movie, I believe the three were at a museum when Percy saved the day.

I also found some of the changes of the characters very interesting. Percy for example knows some Greek Mythology, but gets his stories confused. Most of the time, he does not even know about the stories that goes behind each person in the family. Annabeth is definitely the smart girl with the plan, and Grover is just Percy’s best friend who does actually help both Annabeth and Percy out time to time. Being a Harry Potter fan all I could see here is Harry, Hermione, and Ron.   However, even with the similarities, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are different from the Harry Potter characters.

In all, I did enjoy the book.  I love the characters and their development, not just physically and mentally, but their trust and understanding for each other.  I also love the story that Riordan has written, and I am a bit upset that they were not able to keep most of the book in the movie. The book is creative and entertaining and I recommend everyone to read the book. In all, I gave this book four out of five stars. Even though I love the book and the development of the story, I did not end the book being a complete fan of it.

Onto the next review… I do not want to keep you waiting. So drum roll…

Shock of a lifetime, I read the second book of the series written by Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.

I am a bit surprised with how much shorter the second book was to the first. It is about 100 pages or so shorter than the first book.  However, I did enjoy the bit of mystery that Riordan put within the book and the continuation of the character development of our three beloved characters. You start with the weird dream that Percy has of Grover in a bridal gown shop and wondering why Percy will not be welcome back to Camp. You have Clarisse being granted a mission to grab the fleece but Percy was chosen to see if he could convince Luck to come back from the dark side. It is really nice to see how Clarisse and Percy struggle to get along and find a balance with each other.

I also gave this book four out of five stars. I did enjoy the adventure and development of Percy and Annabeth. However, like the last book, I did not end the book in complete fandom. However, I must admit, I did enjoy the little twist that Riordan gave at the end. I am wondering how this twist will affect the other books in the series as well as the prophecy.

In conclusion, I do recommend this book to everyone. As I have mention, it was a fun adventure, and I believe that everyone will enjoy. Let me know what you think, and happy reading!