Look at all those book!

Okay… I must make a confession before I give out my November 2013 TBR list. I graphed the amount of books that I have read for each month of this year, for the exception of November and December for obvious reasons. However, I must say that I do not know what I expect when I decided to do this little project. I really can say that I do not have a clue as to why I started this project other than just plain curiosity. I know that it is not impressive little project, and many of your will find it pointless but I did find it a bit fascinating. And I must be honest here, I really do love math, so why not add a little math fun in my day beyond the Khan Academy review that I do every day.

So what did I learn… Well, I can proudly say that the lowest amount of book that I have read is one book a month. Surprisingly, I thought the month of June would be zero, but I discovered that I ended up reading just one book. The most amount of books read went to July with 16, but August had 13 with October being 12, and May being 10. So far it is not so bad, being able to claim 72 books read this year is not shabby. I am also curious to see how many actual pages that I have read in total, because Goodreads is not accurate with page count. But let us just say that I am quite glad with what I have here.

ImageOkay beyond this lovely little chart, I will now give the November TBR list. I will check off one of the books since I have completed reading that book. However, I must say that my list has changed from the beginning of this month to now since I will be completing most of the Cain Chronicles. However, I do not believe that I will stick to this list either since I have already have changed the list in the matter of 24 hours. Though there are two books that will not change for this month and that will be the Clean, Well-lighted sentences and the Mary Kay book. Both are for the two jobs that I have. One is to improve my writing for tutoring, and the other is for the Mary Kay business that I am starting.

1.       New Moon Summer

2.       Blood Moon Harvest

3.       Moon of the Terrible

4.       Red Rose Moon

5.       Clean, Well-Lighted Sentences

6.       Perfect Scoundrels

7.       Uncommonly Criminal

8.      Beast and Maidens

I also want to let you know that I will be trying an experiment in working with Youtube and creating videos. I will still continue to blog, but I also need a bit more flexibility with my crazy schedule. I want to share all the good books that I am reading! In addition, I have been thinking about vlogging, and I have wanted to try it out to see if it is for me. We will see. The Youtube page I am hoping will have the same name as this blog, and I do want to post those vlogs onto this blog. Again it is an experiment.

I do hope that you will have an amazing week full of fun adventures. Happy Reading!