Archie Wilson and the Nuckelavee Review

Archie Wilson and the Nuckelavee by Mark A. Cooper is about a 10-year-old boy who saves the world from the most horrific monster the Nuckelavee after he is forced to moved to Scotland to live with his father.

img_2815I ended up giving this book three out of five stars on Goodreads, but if I could give out partial rating I would have given the book 2.5 to 2.75 stars out of five. So let us begin with the cons.

Please keep in mind that these are my thoughts of the book. I did do some research and found out that this book is self-published through Amazon. I have read several self-published books before, and I enjoy supporting and seeing new authors. However, a lot of the problems that I found with this book could have been taken care of with some editing and care. Some of these issues were the spelling and grammar errors, as well as the spacing issues that existed throughout the book. I get that everyone is human, and I am not upset with one or two mistakes, but these errors were distracting, especially the spacing problems. Other problems that I had was the plot holes that existed. One, in particular, happened in the beginning of the book when Archie was talking to some other mythical creatures. You think he is outside, and all of a sudden there is a problem of how to get Archie out of the cave. You do not realize that he is in the cave until these creatures talk about how to get Archie out of the cave. I ended up reading this section multiple times thinking that I missed something, but each time I realize that nope, there was just a few missing details. That is just one of the few plot holes that exist within this book. I also got to experience the opposite in this book. There were several times in which I sat there and thought, Now why is this in the book? What significance will this be later on?  and so on. All of these events don’t even add anything to the story or the plot as a whole. For example, there was the dance scene at the end where you got to see Archie being bullied and made fun of when he was told that the winter dance was a costume dance. That whole entire scene added nothing to the plot or character development. The other bullying scene where Archie was accidently hurting his bully before he was given the costume was important, it showed his new found super power. With this, I had problems with some of the random useless characters that existed in the story. I get that they need to exist, there needs to be a town/ village. However, these characters are not just mentioned, they have roles within the story, in which I am trying to figure out what they are for. Archie’s dad is kind of in this boat. The father had more of a role in the beginning, but I felt as though he was there to create extra plot towards the end of the book. Almost all of Archie bullies could be places as useless extras, and the priest was a bit interesting. I just felt as though our writer felt that he needed to give everyone a part in play. The final problem that I had with this book was the repeat pages. There is one conversation that Archie has three times. It made sense for Archie to have the conversation twice, once with the mythical creatures and once with his dad, but to have the conversation again with the mythical creatures was a bit too much. It did not help that the conversations were almost identical like Cooper decided to copy and past a page and a half of writing.

However, there are a few good qualities about the book. The first being the binding is awesome. I felt as though I would not be destroying the binding as easily as some of the other paperback books. I also have had some experience with some poor binding, with both hardback and paperback books. The way that the binding was done for this book was a bit unique, and I enjoyed the fact that you can open the book without destroying the spine. You can see it a bit in the picture. The other thing that I enjoyed was the huge font. My eyes are getting a little tired from all the reading, and it is nice to take a break with a large font book. The last thing that I enjoyed was the concept of the book. The concept as a whole is wonderful. You have this boy who is going through the loss of a mother and learning how to live in a new area and to be with a father that he has never met, saving the world from a horrific mythical creature. I enjoyed the idea of a boy seeing the importance of saving the environment. These concepts and ideas have potential and I can see it being a successful serries, I just wished it had a little bit more care and was edited it a bit more.

As for recommending the book… I can’t. Maybe if those errors were corrected, I could, but they exist. I don’t know if they have been fixed in the ebook format, but I am not willing to spend $5-$10 on a book that I have already read, just to see if those errors have been corrected and fixed. However, even though Amazon does allow editing, those edits are mainly focused on spelling, grammar, and spacing, not storylines. Since I am not willing to buy the ebook version of the book, I cannot ask everyone to do the same. To tell you the truth, I was not as invested in this story, but I did find the story cute with tons of potential, and I am hoping to see a bit more of this author’s work.

That is it, my friends. I do hope that you enjoyed this review.  Until next time. Happy reading!


Bookly Unboxing – September 2016

Alright. I know it is quite soon for another unboxing, but I am behind on my posts, and I wanted to take the time to catch up. Though the book How To Hang a Witch is nearby and tempting me as well as the Alexander Hamilton Soundtrack. Let us move on to the unboxing.

The first thing that I saw when I opened the box was the card of who we were helping and the Bookly Box Bag. This month we are helping those in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe get books and a public library.

This month, I enjoyed our fun bookish items. For this month we received a notebook and a pen. What was great was that it was another quill pen, but in a different color. I was thinking of getting another one, but getting one in this box was great, and I do like the color choice. I feel as though the black pen will not get as dirty as the white one.


Of course, we got the standard bookmark. I do like the quote, but I am not sure if it is a theme for this month, or if it was just chosen to be placed on a bookmark. The quote does not match the book. It is still a great quote. It states, “Think before you speak. Read before you think.”

The box also comes with two tea bags. Not being a tea drinker I need to come up with a plan on what I am going to do with these tea bags. Maybe I will bring them to work and try them out then.


The last item was the book. This month we got Archie Wilson and the Nuckelavee. I will be posting a review of the book soon. The one thing that I will remark is that I do love the binding of this book. I feel as though all paperbacks should be bound up like this.


I will admit that I enjoyed the bookish items more than the book. I do appreciate that Bookly Box gives out a variety of books and giving the unknown authors a chance to shine.

That is it, folks. I know that this is a very small box, but I enjoy its short and sweetness. I am very interested to see what will be happening next month.

If you are interested, you can also get a Bookly Box with a recurring 10% discount on your purchase with the code SUPERBOOKWORM.

I do hope that you enjoyed this unboxing and I will see you soon. Happy reading!