Percy Jackson Review of Book 1 and 2

I am so sorry for the late post. I was so busy yesterday. I went to work in the morning and afterwards I went to our county fair with a friend. We had fun. My sister started a collection with a friend, and we got to see animals, old friends, and live entertainment from Ronald McDonald to the band that played later on that night. By the time I got back home, it was late, and I was tired. On the bright side, I do have two book reviews that I will be able to give. I am starting a new series, and I hope to finish it before the end of this month.

The first book review will be Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  Let me just say, that the movie is not like the book. I was never able to read the book during the height of its time. I am not very interested into Greek Mythology and at that time, I did not want to read something that I was not at all passionate about it. However, I did watch the movie because I was a bit interested in the book and wanted to see what it was all about.

Back to the review. I was very surprised with the changes that they made for the movie, and how certain events never made it to the screen. I was even more amazed with how they changed first encounters with monsters. For example, Medusa… When the three heroes met Medusa she owned a shop and was called Aunty ‘Em. Percy did chop the head off of her, but only after they were outside in her garden trying to take a “picture.” In the movie, I believe the three were at a museum when Percy saved the day.

I also found some of the changes of the characters very interesting. Percy for example knows some Greek Mythology, but gets his stories confused. Most of the time, he does not even know about the stories that goes behind each person in the family. Annabeth is definitely the smart girl with the plan, and Grover is just Percy’s best friend who does actually help both Annabeth and Percy out time to time. Being a Harry Potter fan all I could see here is Harry, Hermione, and Ron.   However, even with the similarities, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are different from the Harry Potter characters.

In all, I did enjoy the book.  I love the characters and their development, not just physically and mentally, but their trust and understanding for each other.  I also love the story that Riordan has written, and I am a bit upset that they were not able to keep most of the book in the movie. The book is creative and entertaining and I recommend everyone to read the book. In all, I gave this book four out of five stars. Even though I love the book and the development of the story, I did not end the book being a complete fan of it.

Onto the next review… I do not want to keep you waiting. So drum roll…

Shock of a lifetime, I read the second book of the series written by Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.

I am a bit surprised with how much shorter the second book was to the first. It is about 100 pages or so shorter than the first book.  However, I did enjoy the bit of mystery that Riordan put within the book and the continuation of the character development of our three beloved characters. You start with the weird dream that Percy has of Grover in a bridal gown shop and wondering why Percy will not be welcome back to Camp. You have Clarisse being granted a mission to grab the fleece but Percy was chosen to see if he could convince Luck to come back from the dark side. It is really nice to see how Clarisse and Percy struggle to get along and find a balance with each other.

I also gave this book four out of five stars. I did enjoy the adventure and development of Percy and Annabeth. However, like the last book, I did not end the book in complete fandom. However, I must admit, I did enjoy the little twist that Riordan gave at the end. I am wondering how this twist will affect the other books in the series as well as the prophecy.

In conclusion, I do recommend this book to everyone. As I have mention, it was a fun adventure, and I believe that everyone will enjoy. Let me know what you think, and happy reading!