Day 6 Booktubeathon

So how many pages did I read today?… Well, let me see. I know for a fact that I have read 84 pages from one book and about 33 pages from another book. Giving me a total of 117 pages. Not my best. I just did not feel like reading. In fact, I spent most of my day running errands and procrastinating. I am not sure why. Yesterday went really well. I was able to start and finish Thirteen Chairs, as well as get 8 chapters into The Girl Who Drank the Moon. That was an impressive feat since I did not start reading until 2:30 in the afternoon. So I am really happy with yesterday’s result. I even finished The Dark Prophecy on Thursday. Which leaves me with just about 2 books left, if I do not count Serafina and the Dark Cloak.

So what are my plans for the rest of Booktubeathon? Well, I am now reading Story Thieves. I figure that will be an easy quick read. I am also hoping to quickly read The Girl Who Drank the Moon. I figure since both of those books are middle-grade books, I can easily get through both of them. Don’t get me wrong, The Hate You Give is an amazing book, it is just not something that I can quickly get through. It is a book demanding that you take the time to read it thoroughly and digest its content.

Right now, I am taking a break from reading to write this post. I am hoping to get 20 more pages read from Story Thieves before midnight. I will then get a few hours of sleep, and wake up tomorrow morning to get back to reading. I am hoping to do a wrap-up sometime tomorrow night, if not Monday afternoon. With my wrap-up, I would love to show you all of my pictures that I have taken since Wednesday.

Until then, I wish you the best of luck with the last day of Booktubeathon. Until then, happy reading.


Day 2 Booktubeathon 2017

How did my day go?…. Let’s us be real, I did calculate that I have three hours of reading time today. However, I did complete the Instagram challenge last night, so that made it 4 hours. How much reading did I get done?… Well, I did complete one challenge, and I read about 114 pages from Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index.

So what challenge did I complete? I did the reading outside challenge. I was under a shady tree with my sunglasses on. Not my preferred reading style, but it had to be done. I did better today than I thought I would. The two books that I completed and read were The Book No One Ever Read and Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack: An Alphabetical Adventure. I gave both books a three out of five stars. Both books just lacked depth. The Book that No One Ever Read, felt like it missed an ending. I would go more into details about it, but I do not want to spoil the book. In the Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack, I just felt it lacked a story line. You had the same characters from the previous stories and books, but it was not as magical or as fun as those other books.

So what are my plans for tomorrow? Well, I got news from my boss and she is giving me the afternoon off. Which is good. Instead of working two hours in the morning I will be working three, which equates to an additional hour of reading. I will also not be picking my sister up, which is giving me more time in reading. So what do I want to do with all that extra time?

If I do not finish Juniper Lemon tonight, I will finish that tomorrow. In addition, I am planning on reading The Dark Prophecy tomorrow. I just got the audio book of it, so that will put me in a head start with reading it and getting those pages read. This is good. I am hoping to at least finish two books tomorrow. If I manage to get all that reading done, and I still have more time, I would also like to start The Girl Who Drank the Moon. I also have that book as an audio book. Which means I can utilize my time a bit better and organize my day to support all the work that I need to get done.

However, I was hoping to get my Instagram challenge for tomorrow done. It was nice getting it done a day early. That gave me an additional hour of reading in today. However, I ended up using that time sorting Legos. I still have a lot to sort, but I can leave that for next week, and get all the reading done. I did the important sets that had to be completed now.

But before I had to go and get ready for work tomorrow, I wanted to show you my entry for Booktubeathon. Today’s challenge was to show the world your favorite classic. I really do like this photo, and I found it a bit more fun and creative than what I did in the last one. I hope that you will enjoy it too.


But before I go, I do want to ask you, if you are participating in Booktubeathon, how are you doing? Have you completed any of the challenges? If so which ones? Are you enjoying any of the books that you have chosen to compete for this readathon?

Until next time. Happy reading!

Cram-a-thon 2015 Game Plan

Alright. I decided that I would do a game plan on what I am planning on doing for the Cram-a-thon. I wanted to create a plan to succeed my goals for this weekend. I am taking this from my previous experiences with my last two Book-tube-a-thons. The one year that I succeed, I did a lot of planning and prepping while the one that I failed was due to the lack of prep and planning.  Here is that plan.

Friday – I have work in the morning and I am also working at my local county fair as one of the vendors. I am planning on bringing the children books as well as the graphic novels. I want to get all the short stuff in one day. Thus completing the challenge of reading two books in one day. This will cover Oh the Places you’ll GoOnce Upon A BananaMs. Marvel Vol. 2, and Rat Queens Vol. 1. 

Saturday. I will also be working on Saturday morning. However, I am hoping on getting my new glasses that day. In addition, I have a feeling that I mom will ask me to help around the house since there is a lot of prepping for the new washer and dryer. Though this day, I am planning on reading Around the World in 80 Days. I am hoping that this book will not take more than two hours to read.

Sunday – Will be the makeup day, to catch up with these books.

Monday – The backup day incase I am really behind.

In addition to all that reading, I am hoping to read 100 pages of Trouble each day. The book is 375 pages longs. Right now I am on page 90. I am hoping to get to page 100 by the end of tonight. However, I am discovering that this book is a little hard to get through. It is one of those books that you need to take your time and just read it. You cannot power through it. If I cannot get through 100 pages a day, I want to at least get through 75 pages. If I do 75 pages a day, it will take me the whole entire weekend to finish this book.

I also have the backup plan that I will split Friday’s plan into both Friday and Saturday and Move Saturday’s plan to Sunday and leave Monday as the backup day. However, I am really hoping that I will be able to keep up with this plan.

Wish me luck and happy reading!