Day 6 Booktubeathon

So how many pages did I read today?… Well, let me see. I know for a fact that I have read 84 pages from one book and about 33 pages from another book. Giving me a total of 117 pages. Not my best. I just did not feel like reading. In fact, I spent most of my day running errands and procrastinating. I am not sure why. Yesterday went really well. I was able to start and finish Thirteen Chairs, as well as get 8 chapters into The Girl Who Drank the Moon. That was an impressive feat since I did not start reading until 2:30 in the afternoon. So I am really happy with yesterday’s result. I even finished The Dark Prophecy on Thursday. Which leaves me with just about 2 books left, if I do not count Serafina and the Dark Cloak.

So what are my plans for the rest of Booktubeathon? Well, I am now reading Story Thieves. I figure that will be an easy quick read. I am also hoping to quickly read The Girl Who Drank the Moon. I figure since both of those books are middle-grade books, I can easily get through both of them. Don’t get me wrong, The Hate You Give is an amazing book, it is just not something that I can quickly get through. It is a book demanding that you take the time to read it thoroughly¬†and digest its content.

Right now, I am taking a break from reading to write this post. I am hoping to get 20 more pages read from Story Thieves before midnight. I will then get a few hours of sleep, and wake up tomorrow morning to get back to reading. I am hoping to do a wrap-up sometime tomorrow night, if not Monday afternoon. With my wrap-up, I would love to show you all of my pictures that I have taken since Wednesday.

Until then, I wish you the best of luck with the last day of Booktubeathon. Until then, happy reading.


Writing 101 Day 6 – I Write Where?

I am feeling a little bit productive, better than Saturday when I cleared up my iPhone so I can download IOS 9. I am prewriting this post trying to get work done. Day six is looking at my writing habits asking those important questions such as…

  1. Where do I write
  2. Wheat is my ideal setting for writing?
  3. what supplies do I use
  4. When do I write?

Let me first answer with the supplies that I use to help me write my posts. Beyond the usual computer and internet, I also use pens, highlighters, a notebook, and earphones. Earphones are to listen to music, and the notebook with its supplies is to help me prewrite and focus on my writing.

For a physical space, as to my ideal setting, to do my post I prefer to work at a table with my laptop and notebook both on it. I will be listening to music at this time, but I do prefer a spot that is a bit isolated and alone. I do not mind sharing a table if I need too.**

Finally, let’s move onto the when and where do I write.

I try to write whenever I can. Hence the notebook. It was a trick I discovered earlier this year with the April Writing 101 class. I discovered that I could not bring my laptop everywhere, but I felt like I was falling behind when I did not have the laptop. To help with the upkeep of the writing assignments, I would bring a notebook wherever I went, so that all I had to do was type up my thoughts. After a while, I discovered it helped me organized my thoughts and I just kept the habit of bringing a notebook everywhere I went.

However, there are a few places where I write my posts.

The first place is at home. Right now I am living with my mom and grandma and at my grandma’s house. I am helping my mom take care of my grandma at this point of time. In Grandma’s house, she has an office that is currently not being used by anyone, so I am using it. It is far away from the rest of the house giving me the seclusion, however, I can still hear everything that is happening inside the house. However, the only downside is that in the summer it gets all the summer sun, so it is like working in an oven.

The other place that I work on my blogs is at the local library. There are several places in which I love to work at in the library. The first place was the study rooms. The rooms are located towards that back of the library. The rooms are secluded and much warmer than the rest of the library. However, recently, I have not been able to use the room because of the new restrictions. Other places that I work at are the tables by the study rooms in the nonfiction section and the booths over in the fiction section. The only difference between the two sections is that the fiction section is a bit warmer because it has the most amount of sunlight. I generally have my own table, however, there has been a few times in which I have shared a table with someone, and vice versa. The last place the I work at in the library is at the computer station. When I do not have my laptop, I will use the computers at the library to make as many posts as I possibly can between two job.

Those are the places where I create my blog posts.