The 2019 Goals

I know yesterday I wrote a sad melancholy post about my experience in 2018. Last year was a year of growth, and I have learned a lot. Not just about myself, but on other things that matter in my world of education. In addition, I tend to get a little depressed and melancholy around the end of anything. It does not matter. The last day of school is always bittersweet. On one hand, I am looking forward to taking a break, but on the other, I am sad that I will not see those that I care about, work with, and know for a while. With that said, let us begin with my goals for 2019.

  1. My reading goal for this year is to read 12 books. I know that seems small, but I have realized that the lower the number count is for my goal, the better my reading experience is. I am not forcing myself to finish books, or trying to force myself to complete tasks. I am focusing on what I want to read, and whether or not I am enjoying the experience. Really, that is what reading should be. An enjoyable experience to help me relax.
  2. I would like to make a minimum of 12 posts. Ideally, 1 post a month. This is just to gradually get me back into the habit of blogging. My schedule is hectic and crazy. I start one job at 7:30 in the morning and continue my day until 6:30 at night. On top of that, I will have to go back to school to learn a foreign language so that I can continue my job, and by then, I most likely will be ending my day by 9:30 at night. I want to accomplish this goal, and I am hoping that it will not be as bad as I am making it sound like in my head. The idea of my day is just stressing me out.
  3. Reread a book – Unlike last year, I am not going to put the stipulation of whether or not I have reviewed it. But looking back, I realize that this was the best goal for me. Sometimes I do need to step back and reread a book that I have loved. Just to be comforted and enjoy the story one more time.
  4. I also want to participate in the new booktubeathon, The Reading Rush. I am looking forward to participating and I am planning on having my calendar booked just for the event.
  5. I would also like to see if I can participate in the Reading Quest Challenge. Last year I was not able to do so. Mostly because the only time I went online was to read fanfic and pay bills. Okay, I read fanfic on my phone. Anything related to blogging, books, and bills are done on my laptop, and I am saving money to get myself a new laptop. So to be honest, I was not actively searching. However, I am not seeing it being updated since 2017. So I do not think that I missed it.
  6. I want to read a book from my bucket list TBR. I am not sure what is happening. I want to read these books, I just cannot pick them up. Even if I finished the third book in the lunar chronicles I would be happy that I have accomplished something.

Those are my reading and blogging goals for 2019. What are some of your goals for this year? I am hoping that you will accomplish them and learn new things along the way.

Until next time,

Super Bookworm.


Booktubeathon 2017

I find this very fitting that WordPress just informed me that it is my four year anniversary. Why? The reason why I started this blog was to document my experience with booktubeathon back in 2013. I can honestly say that I am excited to not only participate in Booktubeathon this year but to be back on my blog. A lot has happened and there is a lot of catching up to do, but today I just want to focus on the challenges and the fun that I will experience for booktubeathon.

In case you want to know, Booktubeathon is a week long readathon hosted by Ariel Bissett. It is a week where booktube gets together to have fun, read, and to complete some challenges, not just reading, but with videos and Instagram.

This year reading challenges are…

  1. Read a book with a person on the cover
  2. Read a hyped book
  3. Finish a book in one day
  4. Read about a character different from you
  5. Read a book outside
  6. Read a book you bought because of the cover
  7. Read 7 books
  8. Read the group book Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel

I do not have the video and the Instagram challenges. Those are usually given the day of that given challenge.

This event is fun and it is happening from Monday, July 24th to Sunday, July 30th.  It starts at midnight in your area, and end at midnight in your area. It is not like some of other readathons, like Dewey’s 24-hour readathon, where everyone starts at the same time. It is one of my favorite experiences is seeing all the different times that these readathons start and end. I really do recommend for everyone to try it out.

I am really excited to share with you all the books that I am planning on reading. However, I must admit that I got a little too crazy. I just saw that the readathon was coming, watched the reading challenges video and started grabbing books off my shelf. In short, I have currently 17 books (18 if I do not finish my current read) that will fit the challenges, and barely any time to read any of them.  I was looking at times for reading, and not doing video or Instagram challenges, and my worst days this week is on Tuesday and Thursday where I have 3.5 hours of reading time. If I take an hour to do the Instagram challenge, I would be left with 2.5 hours of reading. However, this year I would like to try to do at least one to two video challenges as well. I will see. I really want to read more than anything.

I figure that the best thing to do is to share with you all the books that I picked in excited glee.  Show you the top picks that I wanted to read by the end of this week. I figure if I do not read all the books that I wanted to, for what ever reason, I have at least several options to choose from to help me succeed with this readathon.

Here are all of the books that I grabbed while I was preparing for this year’s Booktubeathon.

  1. Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel
  2. Click Clack Quackity Quack By Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin
  3. The Book No One Ever Read by Cornelia Funke
  4. The Trails of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan
  5. Almost Home by Nora Raleigh Baskin
  6. Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton
  7. A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespear
  8. New World Rising by Jennifer Wilson
  9. Mosquito Land by David Arnold
  10. Story Thieves by James Riley
  11. Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly
  12. The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill
  13. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling
  14. Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy
  15. The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas
  16. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
  17. A Million Junes by Emily Henry
  18. Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty – The book that I am currently reading and hoping to finish before the readathon tomorrow.

Now I thought of the many ways to show you how I could easily succeed these challenges. It was the one thing that made me almost make a video of my TBR. However, I figured out how I can successfully make that TBR.  Are you ready? I hope so…

  1. Read a book with a person on the cover

2. Read a hyped book

3. Finish a book in one day – Here are all of the books that I could finish in a day

4. Read about a character different from you

5. Read a book outside – So I have been having some health problems for a while and one of the issues that I have is light sensitivity. With the fear of the light sensitivity, I have decided to read some short books. I do feel like I am cheating a bit, so I choose two books for this challenge.

6. Read a book you bought because of the cover – I am starting to realize that my buying and book choosing habits. I really need to stop and think things through.

7. Read 7 books -I know that these are more than seven books, but these books are my top choices that I want to read throughout the week. I do want to point out that I did not put these books in the order of the challenges or how I want to read them. I just wanted to list books that I really want to read for the readathon.

8. Read the group book Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel


That, my dear friends, is my TBR for the booktubeathon. I do hope that I will be able to get through as many books as possible this coming week. I will post my schedule for the coming week down below. I just did not have enough time to figure out which books I want to read at which time. I might just end up filling in the calendar and letting you know what I have been reading throughout the week with my update.

Without futher ado, we must begin, since the first sprint is going to happen any minute.

Until next time… Happy reading!



2016 Wrap up and 2017 Resolutions

I am not sure what to say about 2016. In some ways, it was not my best year, and in others it was. This year, a lot of events, both positive and negative that has happened. There was a lot that I have gained and learned about myself and what I am looking for in life, and in this blog.

Just to recap here are my goals for 2016.

1) I would love to read 150 books this year. That is what I placed on Goodreads for my challenge, and for an added bonus I would love to see if I can get to 200 books. I am mainly focusing on getting to 150 books this year.

I was able to make it to the 150 bookmark. I barely made this mark. I believe I had about 24 left of the year when I finally reached 150 books. There was a lot that I have learned about myself with this kind of goal.

The first lesson was motivation. I actually had some pretty heavy reading slumps in 2016. Some of them I believe were created because I was so far behind in my Goodreads reading challenge goal. Not only that, but Goodreads reminded me constantly how far behind I was. In the beginning, I did the math. It was not that bad. I would have to read about 3 books a week, in order to achieve my goal. When I looked back at 2015 it was doable. I truly believe that I would be able to easily cover 3 books a week. I was even planning four books a week. It was almost completing a book ever other day. However, I never planned for the events in 2016 to affect my ability to read.

The second lesson that I learned, was that this goal affects what kind of book that I would read in 2016. This was the year of short books. I barely read anything over 300 pages. according to Goodreads, my shortest book was 23 pages, but my longest book was 667 pages, and that book was mostly in pictures. When you look into the average length of a book that I would read in 2016, it was 168 pages. Even though I was happy with some of the books that I have read, I was not happy with what I was reading. I felt that I wanted to read a longer book, but I was stopping myself from doing so in order to make it to that reading goal.

2)Similar to last year in having 1 post a week. I decided that I will be a bit more specific. If you do the math, that is 52 posts this year. With my unique wording, I was not sure if I succeeded or failed this resolution. However, this year it will not be the same. I would love to do at least one post a week with no more than two weeks of no posting in between. Meaning, that I can have a 2-week break, but no more between one post and the next.

Let me be honest here, I have failed this goal. Yes, I have made it to my goal of 52 blog post, but I did not post every week. To tell you the truth I am not counting the month of December. It took me a while, but in the month of December, I realize that I was failing in this goal because I was too busy trying to keep up with the previous one, the reading goal. In trying to balance the two, I realize that I was making the similar posts, and I got away to what this blog was really all about the book reviews.  That in itself was making me unhappy. Even though in 2016 I actually tried and did a lot of blogging, I just did not do my best blogging, and that is not okay.

3) I would also like to improve on my upkeep on both my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Unlike last year, I will add the stipulation that I need 1 additional post per week that is beyond my usual “Look What I  Have Posted On My Blog” posts. I will also give a two-week leeway, similar to my previous resolution.

I also failed this. I ended up putting too much on my plate in 2016, and this was not something that I was able to accomplish. I even added Instagram into the mix. As crazy as it is, I am enjoying the world of bookstagram. It is working out for mini reviews and showing what I am currently and actively reading.

4) I would love to cut down my DNF Pile. I have learned so much this year about my DNF pile. I would like to tackle this pile and make sure that it will be smaller than what it is right now, which is 10 books long.

Let us take a moment to die of laughter. No really take this time to laugh now.

2015/2016 me was adorable and had such good intentions and hopes for the coming year. but if I was, to be honest, I not only failed I epically failed this resolution. I am now currently reading 22 books on Goodreads, 20 of them I have at least DNF’d. Instead of cutting it down, I doubled that pile.

5) I would love to read one of my books from my Bucket List TBR.

This was an epic year for the Bucket List TBR. This year I have read two books and read half of a series from that list. I have taken care of The Time Machine, Because of Mr. Terrupt and two out of the four main books from The Lunar Chronicles (should I count six since there are two spin-off books?). In fact, I am on the third book. This is the one thing that I am proud of. I have really tackled that list.

So let us move on to 2017 resolutions.

  1. I want to read a review 50 books. I am taking on what I have learned from 2016 and going back to my roots. I want to read for the fun of it, and I also want to take the time to make reviews on the books that I read. I want to a have the fun and enjoy reading whatever kind of book that I want to read.
  2. Originally I wanted to put down that I wanted to have 100 blog posts, but I realize that is not what I want. I was to write good quality posts. I want to feel good and happy about the work that I publish. I am okay with the post that I made in 2016, but I just don’t want to feel okay. I want to feel good about what I publish, not just pride.
  3. I am keeping a resolution from last year. I do want to upkeep with my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Definitely, check me out and follow me. Hopefully, you too can help me keep my goal of doing at least one post a week on all three social media sites. Click on the links to see what I have been up too lately. Make suggestions there. I really do appreciate the feedback.
  4. I would like to read more books out of my Bucket List TBR. Even if it is one book, I would be really happy that I have worked on this. I do not care if I just finish Cress this year, it does mean that I am working on completing my reading bucket list.
  5. I want to enjoy more out of life. I realize that last year I was not happy because I felt trapped. I feel horrible saying this, but I felt trapped in helping my mom take care of my grandma. If I wanted to do something I would ask her, and then I would feel bad that I left her to go do something fun. It was this weird cycle where I felt selfish fo wanting to have some fun in my life. But this year I want it to be different. I want to enjoy more out of life. I want to be happy.

I realize that two of my resolutions I cannot measure, and I am not sure how to go about with the reflection on it, but if you have suggestions or questions that I can answer in both July and December of this year, that would be great. You can post them down below.

I hope that you 2016 went well for you and that you are kicking 2017 in the butt.

I will see you next time. Until then, have some epic adventures and happy reading!



Mid year review 2015

Now is the time for nostalgia. A time to look back at my new years resolutions and see where I stand with them. It is also a great time to make those command decisions as to whether or not I will continue to try to achieve those goals, or to toss them. In addition, I would also like to make some next steps to see how I can improve and help me attain the goal, or at least be close to it. So let us begin with the original list and go from there.

  1. I want to read 100 books this year. I keep making it to about the mid 70’s, and this year I want to get to 100. I have done the math and that is about 2 books a week. – According to Goodreads, I have read a total of 92 book, which is 39 books ahead of schedule. This is really good. I know that most of these books are kids books, but I feel really proud of myself in such an accomplishment. 
  2. I want to make a post a week. I have plans on posting either on Friday or Saturday. Those two days are the best days for me in creating and posting a post. However, there will be rare circumstances in which I will be posting on Sunday. – I do not know what to say. Some weeks I post more than once, and others I am sorry that I have left you without anything to describe what is happening. However, if we average out everything, I have made it a post a week, and in a sense I am ahead of schedule. I still want to upkeep all the posting that I have done and to keep up with the habit. 
  3. I do not want to be behind on my posts. I am so behind on my posts. I have a five book reviews and one tag post. I just need to get them done. – ummm…*As I look for a place to hide* … Let us be real. I am behind on my posting, I have several book reviews to make, and several other posts to make as well. However, some of those posts I have just given up on. This was one of those New Year’s Resolutions that started off with good intentions, but it is not working out as well. 
  4. I want to participate in both book-tube-a-thons and the second Bout of books read-a-thons. They are so much fun to participate, and I missed doing them last year. – I have my calendar dates blocked out and I am prepping and trying to figure out how to balance work and those read-a-thons. Only time can tell for this one, but I have participated in other read-a-thons with varying degrees of success. 
  5. I want to get rid of my Do Not Finish (DNF) pile. – This one I need to work on. I manage to grow the DNF pile, not lessen it. I am hoping that some of these read-a-thons will help me decrease those books and improve my chances of success with this goal. Right now I have ten books on that list. If I finish reading two books a month on that list, I should be done by the end of the year. 
  6. I want to try to make vlogs for one month. I tried with one video and I did not like it. However, making one video is not enough, and if I want to be fair I believe that I need to try vlogging more. – Working on that right now. I made some of the videos, I just need to edit them. However, I am having a software issue with Windows Movie Maker. I am trying to get that fixed now, but nothing is working. When I upload the video onto the program I get the audio, but no picture. I have researched the problem, but nothing is matching or working. Microsoft refused to help me, saying that I need to pay to get it fixed and I have been on hold with Geeksquad since 7:45 pm. I would like to start posting videos before the read-a-thons start. Last year book-tube-a-thon had a lot of extra challenges that I could not format to the blogging world.  
  7. I want to upkeep both my Facebook and twitter page. I know that I have neglected both pretty bad, but I want to upkeep them a bit more. – This one I also feel like I am failing. I am doing a better job of it this year than last year. In addition, Twitter is getting more attention than Facebook. Though I do have to admit that having the apps on my phone is working out for the best for me to upkeep those two pages. I know that Twitter is linked to my Goodreads account, so that is getting updates on my reading progress. It is not what I was hoping or thinking of when I made this goal, but compared to last year, I know that I am doing better. So in all, I will count that as a win, and just try my best for the rest of the year. Keep moving forward. 

Here is to creating a year of success. I am hoping that I will be able to complete all my goals, and be able to try new things. I hope that you enjoyed this post. Happy reading!

A lovely January Update

I am so sorry for not getting to you this weekend. My weekend was shot with helping my mom and my sister out this weekend.Let’s just say that a stray dog and my grandma took up every bit of time.  I was not even able to get in some reading. I am even sad over the fact that I was not able to participate in the National Read-a-thon. However, I just wanted to tell you this amazing news.

Recently, I went onto WordPress and saw a message for one of my reviews. An author had contact me about one of the books that I have recently reviewed. I am not only happy, but I am excited in the prospect that an author has read my reviews. I was notified that there was a problem in converting the book to ebook, and that they changed and corrected the errors. I am hoping to get a new copy, and to quickly write a new review. I am even happy that the author liked my book review.

I do hope that your weekend went well, and that you got a chance to experience a lot of adventures along the way. See you next time and Happy Reading!

December 2014 TBR

Okay. I realize that we are about halfway through december, but I am determine to complete my December TBR. This TBR is very simple. I want to finish all the books that I am “currently reading” on Goodreads. I started to realize that I have way too many books that I am currently reading, and decided that it is time to bring that list down. So let’s put this into a list… shall we?

  1. The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan
  2. Lovestruck in London by Rachel Schurig
  3. Defying Mars by Cidney Swanson
  4. The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
  5. The Gatekeeper’s Sons by Eva Pohler
  6. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
  7. UnEnchanted #1 by Chanda Hahn
  8. Clean, Well-Lighted Sentences: Guide to Avoiding the Most common Errors in Grammar and Punctuation by Janis Bell – A little disclaimer, I have lost the book, so I will see if I will be able to finish the book before the end of the new year
  9. Something Witchy This Way Comes #5 by H.P.Mallory
  10. Insurgent #2 by Veronica Roth
  11. Doing History: Investigating with Children in Elementary and Middle School by Linda S. Levstik
  12. Castle in the Ari #2 by Diana Wynne Jones
  13. The Sudarshana #4 by Aiki Flinthart

Looking back at this list, I realize how huge it is, however, I really would like to cut this list in half. I know why most of these book I have moved away from, but I want to give them another try and to see if I can enjoy them again. I have highlighted the books I definitely want to read and enjoy this holiday season.

I do hope that everyone’s holiday season is going great. I will not be working for the following week because I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out. Yes my mouth hurts, but I am glad that I finally master the art of drinking water again. I know that does not sound too good, but it is better than what it was earlier this day. My Christmas shopping is almost done, I only have two people left on my list and they are kind of hard to shop for. With all of that said, I am planning on doing a lot of reading and blogging this week. I still have two review to do and I tag that I would like to participate in. I am still thinking about joining the December Book-tube-a-thon. It is smaller than the one in July, but it is meant to get a lot of reading done in a short amount of time, as well as getting that personal TBR shelf smaller again before the end of the holiday season.

I do hope that everyone’s holiday is going great and everyone is enjoying their time with friends, and family. I am also hoping that you are finding the time to be by yourself and enjoy your little tastes in adventure. Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

The Changes

I realized that I have made a lot of changes to my blog page. Let’s just say it was something that needed to be done. I did not like the other design so much, and I really wanted something that reflected both the content and my personality. I also made this page really late into the night, and when I couldn’t do what I dreamt my page to look like at 1am in the morning I gave up, thinking that I would have the chance to get back to it and change it. However, I never really thought that it would take me two weeks to get back to fixing the format and look of the page. Though, with careful exploration, I have finally found something that will work for me. I feel great about the look and feel of this page, and I hope that you will too.