Gobble Up Books Readathon

I am sorry that this post got out a little later than plan. But I am hoping everyone who desires to participate in the readathon can still join in on the fun. The readathon is still at its usual time from Midnight on Wednesday, November 23 to 11:59PM on Sunday, November 27.  Because of the fact that this readathon is surrounded by America’s Thanksgiving holiday, this readathon is not as hard-core as other readathons. I also understand that not everyone has Thanksgiving at the same time and that everyone will be working. But I do hope that you can join in the fun.

Unlike last year, which I just had the goal of reading as many books as possible, this year I am planning on having a few reading challenges.

  1. Read 4 books – I know that the readathon is 5 days long, but I do want to give the opportunity for people to spend time with friends and family during the weekend, especially if you are celebrating the holiday.
  2. Read a book that you did not finish (DNF).
  3. Read a book that is less than 200 pages. I was also thinking that if you have a book that you have not finished but you have less than 200 pages, that that book can count.
  4. Read a book that you have already read.
  5. Do not combine the challenges.

That is it, everyone. I do hope that you will get to join me in this readathon. I will be doing sprints on both Twitter and Facebook, throughout the readathon. I cannot wait for this to start.

Happy Reading!


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