October 2016 Bookly Box Unboxing

This box is a little bittersweet. Bookly box has made some huge changes and they will be sending hardcover books next month. However, to do so they had to get rid of a couple of their boxes, and one of the boxes that they are getting rid of is the children’s box. This will be the last Children’s box unboxing. Let’s get started.

I was really happy to see that we were helping a country that I could pronounce its name and relativity knew where it was located. This month we were helping those in Liberia. Some of the facts that were given were really surprising like schools being shut down due to the Ebola virus. It was also interesting to see that less than 1/2 of the country is literate. I also found it interesting that unlike the other two cards, this card has a caution triangle on.

After I took the bag out of the box, I grabbed my two tea bags from the book bag. This month I got Calm Chamomile and Sweet Cinnamon Spice. I am just continuing on with my tea bag collection.


The next few items that I took out were promotional. We got the bookmark, which the theme of the bookmark was cool. I really did like the quote. I also got a 20% off on Accessories from Bookly Box. However, I am not sure if you would be able to use the code since it requires you to log onto their website platform. If you can, here you go.

The next two items that I pulled out of the bag were the fun items. The first item that I pulled was the stretchable bookmark that has the finger pointing to where you are reading. I tried to use this bookmark with the paperback, and it kind of destroyed the book, it is an item that works with only hardcover books. the next item we got was a USB light. I was a bit confused as to why we were getting another light so soon after receiving the booklight in the August box. However, this light does work very well and I have used it as a light for my laptop’s keyboard. The only complaint that I have is that you cannot change the bulb of the light. I was also not thrilled with the color choice, but I decided that functionality needed to win.

The last item that I took out of the bookbag was the book. This month we got The Neptune Project by Polly Holyoke. The premise of the book is a young girl who discovered that she is a mutant that can live in the sea, thanks to a government project, allowing her to live underwater and to communicate with dolphins. Since finding out about the project her and a group of other mutants now have to discover this underground city before a group of people take them away and experiment on them. This book seems really interesting, and I cannot wait to start reading this book next month.


That my friends is the unboxing. I am a bit more impressed with this month box than the last one.  If you are interested, you can also get a Bookly Box with a recurring 10% discount on your purchase with the code SUPERBOOKWORM.

As a whole with the subscription, I have been impressed. I will admit that it is different than Owlcrate and it does take a bit to get use to. I do feel as though Bookly Boxes bookish items are more pratical than Owlcrates. Owlcrate tends to have bookish wear and nicknacks while Bookly Box has items to help you critically think and understand the book that they gave you. Unlike Owlcrate, in wich they give you hardcovers of the most anticipated books, Bookly box does support more of your unknown authors. I am not sure what is going to happen with the update, but there is talk of them switching from paperback to hardcover. I will admit that I was dissapoitned at first when I recieved a paperback book, but now I am perfecty okay with it, and I do not care that it is paperback. I will also admit that I am perfectly happy that this bookish subsription box is a charitable box, and they do work with Books for Africa to help bring more books into those improvish areas. They do keep a tally mark on how many books they help raised to be sent to that area.

The one thing that I am a bit upset about is the big update. With this big update they did get rid of the children’s box, as well as raising the subscription price by about $5.00. In the end, with out the discount, the supsription is more than Owlcrate, $33.99 plus shipping. Right now they are having a sale and the box is 26.99. With the 10% discount (not the sale) it is $30.60 plus the shipping (which comes to about $36.60). Owlcrate is $30.00 plus the shipping.

That is my take on the Bookly Box subscription.I am not sure what my plans are for next moth, I do want to see the big update change, so that means I have to pick another genre and I am having a hard time choosing between Scifi and Fantasy. We will see next month in my decision.

In case I do not make anther post, I do want to wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween. Things have been a bit crazy at home with my grandma being under hospice care, and balancing three jobs. I hae just been under a lot of emotional stress. Part of me just wants to take a day off and get away from it all. These subscription boxes, as well as talking to all of you have brought in some light in some emotional tuberulant times. I just want to thank you for everything.

Until next time. Happy reading!



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