Thirteen Review

I am happy that I am finally getting another review done. It is taking me a while to do so, but at least I am getting there. The book that I am reviewing is Thirteen by Tom Hoyle. This was the first book that I got from Bookly Box. I have been meaning to review this book since the beginning of September.

IMG_2560Thirteen is about a 12-year-old boy, Adam, struggle to survive after a cult found him. The cult believes that kill him will fulfill a prophecy of bringing the world to a new order.

I did give this book four out of five stars on Goodreads. Even though I had some problems with the book, there was a lot that I enjoyed.

The parts that I enjoyed was its pacing, how it was well written, and how there was lots of suspense and emotions. I really enjoyed the pacing, it helped with the suspense. There were very few slow movements in the book, and those moments were explained later on in the book. Not only did the pacing helped with the suspense, it also helps create an emotional bonding, or loathing, with some of the character, even those that did not stay that long within the story. In the end, I would just have to say that it was well written for its conciseness and suspense. However, I did have a couple of issues with the book.

All the issues that I have with the book are content issues. I feel as though these issues do contain some spoiler, if you do not want to read them, that is okay. These issues did affect the rating of the book. The biggest issue that I had was the believableness of some of the scenes. One scene, in particular, was when Adam was at the station with his neighbors while being interviewed with the cop. The cop turned to the neighbors and ask for them to leave and not even a second after they closed the door the cop got us and arrested Adam. When he walked through with Adam he claimed that Adam was going to be sent to prison for his confession. The main issue that I had with the scene was the lack of response with everyone, especially the neighbors. The only person who responded with shocked was Adam. I also don’t know if I watch too many cop programs, but I find it interesting that Adam was allowed to be with a cop by himself. No parental supervision, no CPS or lawyers. I cannot see this scene being legal. I am also not sure if it is a UK thing because this book does take place in London. The last two problems are spoilers since they take place at the end of the book. One of those problems was when Adam and his friend Meghan, were at court talking about the experience that they went through. The judge was just passive  and told both kids that they were very brave and smart. No apologies, nothing. Everyone was just happy. Again, I am not sure if it is a US thing, but I feel as though with the media being involved, there should have been a public apology and some compensation to both Meghan and Adam for all the trauma that they have been through. It was the biggest disappointment ever. The other problem that I had with the end was how it set up the second book. We know that the cult did not die down, and they are still planning on killing Adam for vengeance, but what I don’t understand was who was setting it all up. I am pretty sure that a key character, the leader, died, but the way it was written, made it sound like that person was still alive. The last issue that I had was being able to recommend the book.

The main issue that I have with recommending this book is the torture and the many wicked ways to kill people. I feel as though those would be a trigger for those who cannot handle such content. For those who can, I would recommend the book. It is very fast pace, and it is not a book that you will regret reading. Even though I was disappointed with the book, I was satisfied with the story as a whole.

That my friends is my review for Thirteen. I do hope that you enjoyed the book. If you have any questions or thoughts about the book, leave them down below. I will see you next time. Happy reading!


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