August Owlcrate Unboxing 2016

I am so stoked that I got this box a little earlier than normal. I usually get my box around the 20th, however, this month I got my box on the 17th. I am not complaining, I did enjoy coming home from school just to open this box, however, it was a bit hard to not share it with everyone. I am hoping that I am not spoiling the box to anyone who has not received the box yet.

The theme for this month is Fast Times at YA High. I will admit that I did love this box a bit more than previous boxes. I think part of it is for the nostalgia of getting ready for school and going to high school. So let’s begin.

The first thing that I grabbed from the box was the spoiler card. I must say that I love this card so much. I enjoyed the layout and the feel of a Hollywood high school setting with lockers and some students. In addition, I would love for everyone to pay attention. There is some spoiler on the front of this card, as we go through the box, let me know what  you have found. Of course, not to spoil the box yet, I will not show the back of this card. IMG_2504

After the card I was trying to take all the paper worms out, I ended up grabbing a small blue bag. This bag was the necklace to represent Elenor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I must say that they necklace is very cute and it is a decent size. It is a bit longer than what I am used to, but I am enjoying it. The curators from Owlcrate have created this necklace for us.

The following item that we receive was a composition notebook. I loved the dinosaur theme to it. It is very fun. It just occurred to me that on the notebook it says decomposition book because the papers are 100% post consumer waste recycled pages with soy ink. I will also admit that the inside of this notebook is really cool. I must admit that this is really good timing since I was considering on which notebook I should buy for the year.

The next items that I grabbed were some pins from Taryn Draws. My favorite is the “Hogwarts is my home.” Though the “Chapter Rapter” is pretty adorable. I am not sure what I am going to do with these pins. I do need to find a good place for them, a place where I can show them. I don’t want them on my backpack so they could get lost, but I do want to show them around. Any suggestions?


Then we got an art print card of our favorite golden trio by Susanne Draws. I really do love this art print card, I feel like it really captures the story as well as each character. The only problem that I have is that I have to buy another frame so that I can hang all these wonderful art prints.


The next item that I grabbed from the box was a promotional item about Rainbow Rowel. I will admit that I was not thrilled about it. How can I be thrilled about it after the stunning art print from above? I will admit that it is growing on me.

The following item was a huge surprise. I am not only shocked but I am ecstatic that it was in this box. The following item was an adult coloring book. I love the variety of images that are in this book. It ranges from simple to intricate. In addition, the pages are all perforated so I can take a page for easier coloring, to share, or whatever else I want to do. I even got color pencils, but that came with the main book.

The book that we got this month was P.S I Like You by Kasie West. I have heard about this book in the beginning of the year and it was on my radar a bit until I forgot it due to Harry Potter. With the book, we got some color pencils, a signed bookplate, and a letter. The colors that we got are red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and black. I am looking forward to reading this book because it seems like such a cute fast read.

The last item in the box was telling us the theme for next month. The theme for September will be Darkness, with a special item from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I am looking forward to this box.

I do hope that you enjoyed this month’s Owlcrate unboxing. If you like to get a box yourself you may click the link above. The boxes are about $30.00 a month in the US. I hate to cut out a little short but I am looking forward to coloring in my adult coloring book. Until next time, happy reading!

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