Uprooted Review

Alright, I just finished this book and thought I would get this review done before I forget or get to distracted. So let us begin.

Uprooted, by Naomi Naomi Novik, is about a young village girl who gets taken away to learn magic and instead learns the truth about the corruption of her beloved forest and home in time to save it. (Sorry about the horrible summary, I just did not want to spoil the book.)

I gave this book five out of five stars on Goodreads, and I believe that it has quickly become one of my favorite books of 2016 so far. In fact, I cannot come up with one bad thing about the book except that I have finished it and wish there is more to this world.

I can tell you that this book is beautifully written. I love the mixture of her writing and the folklore of Eastern Europe (I believe the folklore is Polish). It was fun seeing the mixture of the two and how they existed in both worlds, making the story more grounded in ours. Even the names of some of our characters have their origins from this region. In addition, the book felt like an old fairy but with some modern twists, almost like reading one of your old favorite books. To continue on, the theme of roots was huge throughout the story and enjoyed seeing its multiple meanings, from roots to where you live to roots to the problem, throughout our main character’s experience. Furthermore, this book kept me on the edge of my seat, from creating a desire for two of our characters to be together to wanting to help them through their trials. Finally, all the characters are realistic and relatable, even the ones you hate. Yes, there are a few jerks in the book, but in the end, like I have said before, they are all realistic and as much as you hate them and their choices, you can see and understand their choices. Most of all I do love our main character Agnieszka. She is not your typical pin-up and perfect heroine. She is messy, with messy hair and clothes, kind, compassionate, loyal, and thinks outside the box. In addition, when the traditional method of learning magic has failed her, she finds her own way and expands on that. She is not afraid to get dirty, or to go through old forgotten tombs and books to learn, and is not afraid to follow her own instincts to help her understand and make decisions.

As for recommending this book, I do recommend this book to everyone over the age of 14. The book does have some dark and mature moments that I do not find fitting for children. As I have mentioned before, the content of the story does get dark. There are some graphic description of wounds and battles and if you get easily triggered, I would not recommend this book. There are moments where it is dark enough that you could claim it to be an original Grimm’s Brother fairytale. Though there are some light humored moments that balance everything throughout the book. In all, I really do wish to give this book to everyone and hope that everyone would agree on how great this book really is.



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