Booktubeathon 2016 Pictures

I spent a while thinking about how I was going to organize these photos. Originally I wanted to do it day by day, then I thought to separate between Instagram and Twitter. In the end, I am hoping that the day by day photos will work. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these photos.

Day One

Okay, the Instagram challenge for day one was to take a photo of a book in a landscape that matches the story. I chose to do I am Princess X at a table with some coffee and a notebook for some notes. I have both the original and the one that I posted on the Instagram side by side for your viewing.

IMG_2303 Okay, I took this picture because of a book sprint to show what book I was reading during that book sprint.

IMG_2316 The final picture of the day was to show what book I would be reading that evening along with what I will be drinking to stay awake. I told the land of Twitter that I would drink either Hot Chocolate or something else to help me stay awake all night long.

Day Two

Again, another side by side shoot for what I decided to do for the Day two Instagram challenge. On Day two, we can to create a rainbow stack of book. I chose to make a rainbow. However, if you do have Instagram I do encourage you to see the winner of this challenge, it is amazing. Though I can tell you that this was a hard project and I was a bit upset that I did not win. Getting those books to balance on each other were not easy. I could also kick myself for the filter that I chose for this challenge. On one hand, it did make all the colors match from one side to the next, but it sadly made the red book look pink. Uhggg!

The next photo was to post a photo of our TBR for booktubeathon on Twitter with the #AlmostBookstagram. I must say that it was a bit hard. I took several photos and felt as though none of them would be worthy for Instagram (though it was only my second day using Instagram as Super Book Worm.) Again you can see the different photos that I have made, with the final product on the bottom.  I will admit that the lighting in my room is not the best for photos, even at 8AM in the morning.

I even took a photo of me working and listening to my book at the same time. Yes, I did get at least two hours of reading done! God, I love my job. I was helping my boss purge some folders during our down time.

The final photo that I took was for Twitter. The challenge was to take a photo of your bookmark. I was borrowing a ruler from work and decided to use it as a bookmark for one of the books that I was reading. It did the job, and the Bookmark.. the ruler, is now back to where it belongs.

Day Three

Day three challenge for Instagram was to take a picture of your favorite book quote. I did not know what to pick so I chose to use on of the books that I was reading for the Booktubeathon. I do love the quote and found it hopeful and necessary with what is happening in our world today. Let it be a reminder that we should all be “hope spreaders.”


Day Four

The Instagram challenge for this day was to take a picture of your snack and the book that you are reading. I ended up taking a picture of my breakfast. That day was a little bit crazy and I was not sure if I would be able to get in a good snack photo at the time.

I also decided to share a little fun quote while I was reading the Hidden Oracle. You got to love Percy. I was just dying of laughing as well as agreeing with him when he made the statement “But the list never seems to end.” I also included some other fun parts of the book that I thought were enjoyable.


In addition, I also took a picture of my delicious lunch. I had a hamburger in a tortilla bread with some hashbrowns. It was really good.


Finally, I also was giving a book rating to a book that I was reading on Twitter.

Day Five

The challenge for Instagram on day five was to take a photo of your favorite classic. I was so upset that I forgot to go to the library to get The Chess Garden, but it worked out that I was able to grab my next favorite, A Wrinkle in Time. I was trying to recreate what Meg’s desk would look like. This was another one of those photos that grew and changed the more I thought about it. The end product that I turned in is on the bottom. I am actually proud of how the photo came out. I need my glasses to see. So a clear photo is a blessing.

IMG_2399[1]  IMG_2390

The next photo I am not sure. I believe it was for Twitter I believe it was to show people what I was reading. I know that I did switch from More Happy Than Not to Sorta Like a Rock Star. So I believe that I gave a rating to More Happy Than Not then I moved onto Sorta Like a Rock Star. Why the photos are out of order are beyond me.

Day Six

The Instagram challenge for day six was to take a picture of a second-hand book or a book given to you. I chose a book that was given to me by my grandmother. She claimed that she did not like the book because it had too much fantasy. I thought I would not like the book because it would have too much romance. I am glad that I have read this book. It is one of my favorite yearly reads.

The next picture was for Twitter. It was for a book recommendation. I chose to recommend The Unwanteds. I enjoyed the book and thought others would too.

After that, another contest was for some pretty covers. Then for some books that we would love to read. a future TBR you could say.

I also took some photos that were not in some contests, but just for fun. The first one was showing that I was watching Legally Blond and reading Uprooted. After that, I took a picture of what I was reading. The twitter sprint at the time was a lot of fun, and we were focusing on ghosts, and I was showing that I was reading about a place that had a lot of death. That twitter sprint was a lot of fun.

Day Seven

The last day, I was not able to participate with booktubeathon as much as I would like. That was the day that I ended up working for 8 hours. Though I did get in the Instagram photo. That challenge was to take a picture of a book outside. Not very creative, but I wanted to get that seventh challenge done and I only had an hour left.

That is all the photos that I took for the Booktubeathon. Let me know what you think. I do hope that you enjoyed getting to see the original as well as the filtered/ edited copy. They were a lot of fun to take. See you next time.

Happy reading!



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