Booktubeathon Day 5

I am sorry that I missed Day 4. I was not able to get everything in on time. I was a bit behind with The Hidden Oracle and More Than This. I am starting to feel the end of this readathon, as well as the end of wanting to finish everything.

As I stand I have only two reading challenges left. I have to read a book that I have discovered through booktube and to watch a movie. I am thinking of changing everything and watching the movie today and reading what I can later on. I am not feeling the books that I have picked for the third challenge, discover through booktube. In one sense, I can count it since I have finished More Than This this morning. However, I would like to get at least one more book finished before the end of this readathon.

In shor0t, my new plan is to watch the movie today and to read Sorta Like a Rock Star. Hopefully, I will get this book done by Sunday. I am also thinking about starting another audiobook. I am not sure if I want to read Ink and Bone, The Glittering Court, or Truthwitch. Let me know what you think of either of these books and what I should read, down below.

Talk to you later. Happy reading!


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