Booktubeathon Day 3

I must say that it is hard to believe that we are about half way done with booktubeathon. I don’t know why, but somehow I feel like everything is alright and I will be able to get everything done. It does not help that I do have four books (two I have finished last night) done and only two challenges completed. However, that is quickly changing.

I am 60% finished with More Than This, with only 44 chapters left. Oh, My… This book is so good, I hate putting it down, but at the same time, I am starting not wanting to end it. Too many feels. In addition, I have also started The Hidden Oracle and I am 76 pages through a 361-page book. That is only 285 pages left. It did help to have Percy in the book, though. I am not sure how I would survive a 361-page book of a selfish “artistic” god. Though he is getting better. Both of those books do complete a challenge, the yellow book, and the favorite author challenge. So I am hoping to finish both of those by tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am hoping to finish More Than This, The Hidden Oracle, and final book in the Spiderwick Chronicles. We will see. I am also hoping to post all my reviews tomorrow.

It is that time of night where it is almost sunset. I would like to get as much reading as done possibly before I have to pick up my sister and her friend from college. I would like to know, how has your reading been? Are you participating in booktubeathon?

I will see you tomorrow. Happy reading?



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