Booktubeathon Day 1!

I cannot believe that we are almost done with day one of Booktubeathon. Strangely, I am only an hour behind my schedule time. I am extremely proud of myself. I have finished one book, 18% of another, and in 30 minutes I will be also to start the Spiderwick Chronicles. The book that I got to finish was The Time Machine, and I was able to start listening to More Than This.  I am hoping to keep this pace up and to continue reading.

For tomorrow I am thinking of continuing listening to More Than This and I might read Sorta Like a Rock Star. I am not sure. I know the book is due soon, so I should finish that, but I also want to get started on some of the other books on my TBR. We will see what I feel like reading tomorrow.

Now onto the review. I have decided to keep the format that I did with Everland. I feel like that this format is simpler. I will admit that there will be some SPOILERS. There is no way around it since these spoilers are what helped influenced my rating.

13706928_120120881758330_1698675885_nThe Time Machine by H.G. Wells. This book completes the challenge of reading a book that is older than you.

Rating – I really wish that Goodreads allowed half and partial ratings. For if I was to honestly rate this I would go about giving it 3.5 stars out of 5. Instead, I deiced to go with 4 out of five stars. I ended up liking this classic a bit more than some of the other classics that I have recently read, which helped it gained a .5 star rating.

Summary – This book is about a scientist adventure into the far future with his time machine.

Pros – There were so many things that I truly enjoyed about this book. One, I learned a lot about the past. I did not know that there were portable cameras in late 1800, let alone Kodaks. I thought the type of cameras that existed back then were your old fashion still cameras. The big bulky ones on the side here. I also enjoyed the dual perspectives of the story, like a story within a story. It was nice to see someone else’s view on the accounts that the time traveler told. Finally, I enjoyed the theme about the nature of man and how our choices affect our future. It was somewhat similar to the Jekyll and Hyde in the idea of the two sides of what a man is. I really enjoyed how it is making me think, and wonder how far are we to the society that H.G Wells wrote about.

Cons (yes there are spoilers)- I do have a couple of cons that annoyed me at the end of the book. They are related to each other. The fist annoyance that I had was our Time Travelers lack of thinking, whether it was taking stupid risky moves (like going down a scary dark pipe after everyone tells you not to) to freaking out the inhabitants. It annoys me so much that he sees himself as so much more superior to these inhabiants but he makes these stupid decisions that can cost lives. In addition, he also just stupidly goes back after his near death encounter without a thought on how he can change his device so that the same problem won’t happen a second time. The other thing that annoyed me was that he forgot to bring stuff to help him document his trip, like a camera, or a paper and pen. How are you a scientist and still lack the proper equipment to help prove your case? Finally, we also have those “convenient” moments.  During one of our stupid reckless trips, our scientist discovered that he only had four more matches left and realize that he was recklessly using supplies that he should have saved. Later on, he goes into a museum and discovers matches! How convenient is that?

Recommendations – I will admit that I am being a bit bias and recommending this book to everyone for the sake of curiosity. I really want to know what is your take on this classic. On one hand, I did enjoy the adventure and  the ideas that the book provided. I enjoyed the fact that the book made me think about what is humanity and how our choices can effect that meaning of humanity. On the other hand, the conveniences, at the end of the book, were a bit annoying.

That is my review of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. My friends, the sun has finally set and it is time to start reading the after sunset book. I will see you tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening. Happy reading!


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