June Wrap up and July TBR

I cannot believe that we are half-way through July. I had every intention to finish this TBR before the first weekend of July. I promise you that I was working on this at the end of June, but life and books got distracting, and I sadly never finished this post. So let’s start!

June was not that bad of a month. Yes, I did end up reading a lot of children’s book, but in the end, I did end up doing a lot of reading. I have read a total of 30 books and a total of 2,453 pages. That is not half bad. I am not only 8 books behind schedule. For some strange reason, I am still sitting here thinking about how I need to read more. It is probably because I am still behind with my reading count for the year.

Now let’s move onto July’s TBR. I have decided that since I am so behind with creating this TBR that I would just read what I feel like reading and just focus on the challenge for this  month . The challenge for this month is to “read a book that has been banned at some point in time.” I have done some research and discovered that The Time Machine by H.G. Wells has been banned.

Researching the whole banned book process has been an interesting experience and I might share it with you on what I found.

Other than that, I do hope that you are enjoying the month of July. Talk you later and happy reading!



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