The Royal June Unboxing

I have been looking forward to this box since I heard about it last month. I am so happy to say that this box did not disappoint. So let’s begin!

The first item that I grabbed from the box was the monthly spoilers card. I will show the front of the card but not the back. I do not want to spoil the box for you, just quite yet. I must say that I love the design of this card. I love the stain glass window, it somewhat reminds me of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and the chair reminds me of Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. Just each time I look at this card, I see something new and exciting.


After the card, I pulled the Funko Pop mini vinyl figurine. I got Ariel from Disney’s the Little Mermaid. I really love her. I have yet to decide where to place her, but she is cute and fun. I must say that the packaging was a little hard to get through. The box was in a plastic wrap, and after I opened the box, my little figurine was in a black plastic bag. But she is cute, and I love her.

The next item that I got was a coupon for a personalized bookmark at You will be able to get $10.00 off by using the promo code OWL-c55s5fa. All bookmarks are $20.00. They are cute and you should check out the website.

The next item that I grabbed was a book print related to the Red Queen by Vitoria Aveyard, by Evie Bookish. I will admit that I have yet to read this book, but I do love the book print, and that it does look cool. The quote, “Words can lie, see beyond them,” is amazing and I love it. *Note to Self: Get a frame to place all my book prints and mini posters in so I can hang them on my wall.*


The next item that I grabbed just made me dance. I am just in love with it, but I am afraid to use it. These cute royal bookmarks, from Crafted van, are just darling. I even love the creative ingenuity of the business card as the backdrop for bookmarks. I have checked out the Etsy store and it is not that badly priced. The bookmarks are around $5.00 to $10.00.  they do not just sell magnetic bookmarks, but book prints, mugs, pins, and magnets. The royal-themed magnetic bookmarks were personally made for this box.

Moving on from the adorable bookmarks, the next item I received was from Rich Love Shoppe. I found the packaging interesting. The burlap bag did not show their logo well, but I did love the bracelet. The center says “Even in the future the story begins with once upon a time,” a reference to the Luna Chronicles from Marissa Meyers. The bracelet is very simple and basic. I have worn it for most of the day today, and it is not that bad. The bracelet does have the ability to adjust it, so you can adjust the size to fit you.

Finally, the last item that I have received from the box is the book with all of its bookish special content. The book that I got this month is My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Aston, and Jodi Meadows. I have heard nothing but good things about this book, so I am looking forward to reading it. In addition, I got two letters from the author, instead of one (not complaining, just feeling extra loved), and a crown. I had tons of fun with the crown. I just need to find some creative places to wear such a royal item. Maybe at work to celebrate my birthday in a week? Hmmm. We will see.

However, that was not the last item in the box. Owlcrate has also provided a sneak peek into next theme month and what is one item we will receive for next month. The next month theme is Good Vs. Evil. It looks likes you might get to have fun with either a good or an evil box. I am not sure, but right now I feel like I want an evil box.

That is it for this months royal Owlcrate. If you enjoyed this box you can sign up to get your own Owlcrate. They have different plans for you to choose.

I do hope that you will have a great day and I will see you next time. Happy reading!

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