May Book Haul

I am kind of went overboard last month with all the book buying. I ended up buying over 40 books. Even worse, I ended up buying the same book twice. Luckily, most of the books I got were at the library book sale, but there were a few that were a bit expensive, but they are well worth it. One of the books. I actually pre-oredered as a christmas gift to myself, and it finally arrived this month. So let’s take a look at all the books that I got this month.

The hidden OracleThe first book that I got this month was Rick Riordan’s first book of his new series. I probably should pick this book up, and I am surprised that I have not. I guess I am a little afraid that I would not like this book as much as I did with the other series.

When I first got the book several months back. I was excieted and could not wait to get this book in my hands, now I am just staring at it on my shelf. Which in itself is a little weird. Maybe it is the idea of a god whining about being a mortal is nto on my to do list. The trailer for this book did not help either.

After that, I was not so cleaver in seperating where I got my book. I wanted to see how many books I could fit onto one shelf. Basically, I wanted to see what was the least amount of pictures I could take of my precious books. So here are all the pictures of the books that I have bought. Some I bought at the local library sale, there were some that I got at a school book fair, and two I got at our local book store. Bring on the pictures!

The two books that I got from the local book store were The Invention of Hugo Cabret and I am Princess X. This was one of my more expensive runs. I actually had to grab a physical copy of the book for work. It is taking us a lot longer to read the book than I expected. In the picture you see the library book, because I ended up swicthing the books before I could take this picture since the library book was due in a few days.

Then I got a total of six books at the school book fair. Those books were Echo, Molly’s Fire, The One and Only Ivan, Everyday Angel: New Beginnings, Ruby Lee and Me, and Silent Lotus. The rest of the books I got at the library book sale. Those book titles (without the authors) are…

  1. Hamlet
  2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  3. Macbeth
  4. Septimus Heap Magyk
  5. When Zachary Beaver comes to Town
  6. Midnight Rider
  7. When You Reach Me
  8. An Acceptable Time (2)
  9. How to Train Your Dragon
  10. The Sisters Grim
  11. Ginger Pye
  12. The Queen’s Smuggler
  13. Into the Fire
  14. The Wish List
  15. To Save a Tree
  16. Junie B. Jones: hceater Pants
  17. Too Far
  18. Luna
  19. The house of Hades
  20. Molly’s Story Collection
  21. Spiderwick Chronicle Series
  22. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
  23. Pink and Say
  24. The Wall
  25. Santa Calls
  26. The Self Made Snowman
  27. Tigress 
  28. Henry’s Show and Tell
  29. It’s My City!
  30. 17 kings and 42 Elephants
  31. Jellybeans

I do hope that you enjoyed this post. I just wanted to show you all the books that I got. I do hope that you are enjoying summer. I will see you next time.

Happy Reading!



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