I was tagged to participate in this prompt by Arwen1986. The post is a challenge to use photography to convey a message. The challenge for this week is Celebration.

I found this to be a perfect prompt for the end of the school year. Celebration represents the beginning of several new chapters and changes from our daily lives.

Today I celebrated lunch IMG_2131and the end of the school year. Yesterday participated in the celebration for two of our students who are graduating, and the day before that I celebrated a retirement. Each celebration is important and significant in their own ways.

I will admit that I am not whole heartily into the celebrations, this year. Even though my problems and schedule has not changed that much, yet my stress levels have increased since there are so many unknowns. Unknowns such as who will be our new classroom teacher, and how will they respond to my student and myself being out in the community. Will we be left behind because of the wheelchair?

However, change is good. It needs to be celebrated and embraced. We cannot grow and expand without that change. Any and all changes and accomplishments need to be celebrated, whether it is graduating high school or college, getting your first cars or apartment, or even buying lunch and reading a book. Have that time to celebrate those accomplishments as well as those changes. The celebration might be short (like this balloon’s buoyancy) but the feeling and the memories will last forever.


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