Bout of Books – Day 7

Okay. I know it is the last day, but I believe that I only got about 30 minutes of reading done. I might get another 10 to 15 minutes after I do this quick reflective blog.

As a whole, I am glad that I participated and got a lot of reading done during this readathon. I was able to start and finish two books, participate in two challenges, and started and completed 100 pages of a third book. That is not half bad. I was hoping to do all three books and maybe get a fourth finished. One of the things that I forgot was how slow I read the following book of this series, no matter how many times I have read these books. It is crazy. I believe that it is all part of the nostalgia of the experience and not wanting to end a great adventure.

As for blogging wise, I wish I was able to fit it into my schedule a bit better. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, my week has been quite crazy and busy. So a lot of my time was spent reading. I realize a few hours after I finished yesterday’s post how nostalgic I was sounding. I felt as though it was a bit depressing. Part of it is the fact that the readathon is coming to the end, and I was feeling that nostalgia, but not to the level of depressing. I am usually a bit nostalgic at the end of events because I start to realize how much I am going to miss being there or doing it, such as school and the end of a schedule of learning. In one way I am looking forward to summer and my birthday, but at the same time, I am not looking forward to ending my schedule of going to school to learn something new. The same can be applied to this readathon, where I am looking forward to other readathons, and a little break until the next one, but at the same time I do not want the fun to end with all the challenges and the great adventures we are sharing.

There are a few changes I would like to make before the next Bout of Books readathon (August 22). Let us call it my next steps to improve.

  1. Better preparation – I completely forgot about Bout of Books even though I signed up for it last month. That was part of my problem, it was too far in advance for me to remember about the readathon. For one of my jobs, I get a weekly schedule and I am lucky to get the schedule on Friday, most times I get the schedule on Saturday, and there are a few times where I get the schedule on Sunday. for August, even though it would be the first week of school for us, I would like to map out my week and plan what books to read as well as when I am going to read the books and my blogging schedule.
  2. To create a specific TBR for Bout of Books. I know that this relates to the previous next step, but I this year I created TBR after I started the readathon. This did end up working out, but I felt unprepared. I do not like that feeling of being unprepared, yet I also feel as though I had a lack of focus.
  3. As a blogging practice, I would like to keep track of the number of pages and how many books I read. I might just keep the TBR and strike through all the books that I have completed. It would not only be really cool to see the progression of reading, but I believe that it will help with that focus.
I am just going to start off with those three.
I do hope that for those of you who participated in Bout of Books, you had a lot of fun. I know that I had a lot of fun. For those who did not, come join us in August. The sign up should be starting around late July.
I do hope that your weekend went perfect and was filled with adventure. I will see you next time. Happy reading!

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