Loot Crate Unboxing – April 2016

Okay. Let me be honest. I mainly got this crate just for the Harry Potter swag. Am I upset? Not really. I am enjoying the HP swag that I got with it. Let’s just say that it was a different experience and I enjoyed the change.

With that note, let’s begin.

So the first thing that I got to see out of the box was the t-shirt. I must say that looking at this shirt I was able to tell it was from the Labyrinth. I have never seen the movie and I always wanted to see. Looking at this shirt inspired me to watch the movie. Hopefully, I will watch it soon.

As a side note, I must say that the t-shirt is really comfortable. I tried it on and I was surprised with how comfortable it is. It is soft cotton, very soft. So soft, that I wanted to live in it, and nothing else. Though I do have to admit that the shirt was a little tight. I believe that I am just use to having loose, not a form fitting, t-shirts. All my t-shirts are the same size as this shirt and they are loose.

The next item that I got was… a box? No, it was an interesting ice cube maker in the shape of the 20 sided die. I found this item interesting. I have not tried it out yet, but it looks like fun, and I would like to have it in a cup/ drink just for the point of having a conversation.

I also want to point out the details that exist with this die. If you enlarge one of the pics you can see the numbers. Go check out the pics.  The ice cube maker even came with some instructions.

The next item was the item that I mainly got the box. The Harry Potter swag. I did not know that they were going to be socks, but I love socks. For some reason, socks keep disappearing. But nothing will be so cool as these socks. I love how they are all the Horcruxes. I wore them the other day, and everyone who has read the series loved them. They pretty much wanted their own pair. I did find it interesting that the Horcruxes were on the side of the socks and not the front, but it still works, and after wearing them for a while and showing them off to my friends I started to see the brilliance in having the images to the side.

The next item was a bit strange. I still do not know when I am ever going to use this item, but if I ever find the chance, you bet that I will not hesitate to use it. the item came in a mesh-like bag. The item was a Vikings Drinking Horn. Maybe I will be drinking from it when I start reading the second book to the Magnus Chase series. The horn is kind of cool. but it is one of the items that I was not entirely stoked about.

The next item that I saw was the loot pin. I was a bit excited about the pin, hearing that they were doing exclusive pins this year. What I did not know was that there were going to be two different types of pins. Luckily I got the gold Quest pin. I am starting to realize that I need to find a better way to show off my pin collection.

IMG_1803 - Copy

The second to last item that I received was a small poster (around 8.5 X 11 inches). This poster was from Uncharted 4: A Thief’sEnd. I will admit that I have never played the game, but the poster looks cool, and I love the quote. I just got to get a frame so that I can keep the poster in good condition because I do want to hang this on my wall, along with the other posters that I have received. (Please ignore the sciscors, I was just using them to keep the poster straight.)

IMG_1804 - Copy

Finally, the last item that I received was the booklet telling me about all the cool stuff that came in the box. I will mention one thing. I appreciated that this was the last item. From all the other crates that I have seen online, as well as from OwlCrate, the spoiler card is always on top. This is a problem because the items that you grab are not always in the order on the card. It was nice to see the booklet on the bottom thus giving you a chance to explore the items before being spoiled by a card.

I not only posted the front and back cover of the booklet, but I also selected a few pages from the booklet. I can tell you that there is a lot of advertising in the booklet, but in all, I did enjoy reading the booklet and the information that came with it. There is a coupon code in the box for Lootcrate, I believe level up. It is a 10% code, just type in QUEST10.


The booklet also gave me the important instructions as to how to refold the box. I must say that the new box looks better now. It is even a real maze that you can try to solve. I am not sure if I want to solve the maze. I really like it not marked up. I feel as thought the markings to solve the puzzle will ruin the mysterious feel.

Finally, here is a final shot of everything that I got. That rolled up tube is the poster, in case you are wondering.


As a whole, I am not sure what to say about this crate. I also feel as though one box is not enough to make a judgrment call on the product as a whole. Did I enjoy opening the box and checking out the goodies. Yes I did! Was I impressed? Not really. There were items that I really enjoyed and others that I felt meh about. As I stated earlier, subscription boxes should not be jugdged on a first time experience. Each box is different and unique and should be judge over a few months. I will not be able to buy the next months box, nor will I know if I can afford to buy anymore boxes. As I mentioned earlier in this post, the main reson why I bought this box was for the Harry Potter Swag.

As always,  please let me know what you think in the comments below. I had a lot of fun opening the box, and even more fun sharing it with you.

I do hope that you will have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you next time. Happy Reading!




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