Dewey’s April Readathon Reflection 2016

Alright, this readathon when a bit differently than my past one. I must say that I did have fun hosting my Alphabet Soup challenge. I might bring that back for future readathons (with some slight modifications). However, I was not happy that Facebook was not giving me updates when people were posting questions and comments. I will apologize for the very slow delay in answering questions.

My day was quite busy between working two jobs, helping at a serving, and hosting the challenge. I did get read a total of 6 books. Three graphic novels, one 300 page novel, one children’s book, and I got to finish (part my DNF pile) one classic.Which brings me to a total of 706 pages read.

I feel as though this was a very successful readathon and I hope that you had some fun. If you participated in the challenge, please answer my survey in the comments below. If I do this challenge again, I would like to improve it, and having your feedback will help.

If you participated in the readathon, how did it go for you? Did you have fun? What was the best part of the 24 hours?

Have a wonderful week and happy reading!


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