Ending the Alphabet Soup Dewey’s Readathon Challenge 2016

I first want to take a moment to thank everyone for participating and trying the challenge out. You all deserve an award in my book, but sadly there can only be one. I have chosen Sarah Willis Woods. You may choose a prize from the readathon.

As I have read the comments and questions, I have realized that some letters were harder to find than others. I knew that it would happen and expected it, but I still wanted to see what words people could find. From working in lower elementary I knew that the hardest letters to find would be Q, V, X, and Z. I was really surprised to just see people complaining about X.

Before I go I do have a few questions to ask you. I just want to know your thought about this challenge and it would be a big help if you answer them down below or on Facebook.

  1.  Did you have fun?
  2. Was this challenge too hard? Was it too easy? Was it too frustrating?
  3. If you could change one thing about the challenge what would you change? Why? (If you have multiple answers, you may put down multiple answers)
  4. Was there anything you liked about the challenge?
  5. Would you do the challenge again?

Again, I want to thank everyone for your participation and good luck with the readathon. Happy Reading!


One thought on “Ending the Alphabet Soup Dewey’s Readathon Challenge 2016

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