Dewey’s 2016 Alphabet Soup Challenge

In half in hour, I am about to host my Alphabet soup challenge. Before we begin, I do want to go over the rules one more time and to remind you that if you win, please check out the prize page from the Dewey’s website. Please note that you should have already signed up for the Dewey’s Readathon.

The challenge is simple.

1) Words must begin with the letter such as A for Apple, B for Banana, C for Carrots
2) Words must be larger than 3 letters
3) You do not need to go in alphabetical order
4) Must cite what page you got the book on
5) It is preferred that you keep to the same book/ series
6) Cannot use the glossary
7) To win a prize, you must officially sing-up for the Dewey’s 24 Hour readathon. I will not be giving a prize but you may pick one from the prize page if you win.

Good Luck and I will see you soon.




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