Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon 2016

I am so stoked about sharing this exciting news! If you follow my calendar you will see all the challenges that I am planning on doing for this year.

The readathon that is coming up is the Dewey’s 24-hour readathon. I am not sure what books I will be reading for the readathon, but I am excited to get some reading done and to catch up to my reading goal for 2016.

However, that is not my exciting news!…

My exciting news is that I will be hosting a challenge! I am really excited and cannot wait to get this challenge started. I will be hosting my challenge during the 11th hour of the readathon (6PM EDT/ 3PM PDT). If you are not sure about times and when it will start, check out the Event Time Announcer that Dewey provides. You may follow me on my blog, or use Facebook or Twitter, for updates on the challenge and when it will start. However, I will mainly host the challenge on Facebook. I must note that I will not be providing a prize for the winner. The winner must choose a prize from the prize page. If you want to participate, please sign up to the Dewey’s 24-hour readathon.

Enough build up, let’s talk challenge.

The title of my challenge is Alphabet Soup. It is super easy, if you have played the License Plate game, then you are pretty much ready.

The challenge is simple. You need to find a word that is at least 4 letters long that start with each letter of the alphabet. For example, below we have furiously for f, giddyup for g, and hissed for hfrom Half Upon a Time from James Riley.

Alphabet Soup challenge example 2016

It is preferred that you find all the words in the same book, if not, the same series, and that you reference what page you find each word. You do not have to do it in alphabetical order. I do know that some books have glossaries at the back, do not use the glossary. The words have to be within the story.

Please remember to have fun and enjoy the challenge. I hope to be seeing you there on Saturday. If you have any question just contact me here or on Facebook. I have created an event. Good luck and happy reading!


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