March 2016 Owlcrate Unboxing

I feel like it was not that long ago that I posted February’s box. But I  stoked to show you this box. The theme for this box is Writers Block.  So let’s begin.

The first image is what I first saw when I opened up this box. It was interesting since this box was a lot easier to open, even without my scissors.

The next of course is the card. I will only show you the front as to not spoil the context of the box. I will say that undid enjoy the design of this box.   I really enjoyed the previous books that were on the desk. Good job Owlcrate.

The first item that I grabbed from the box, other than the spoiler card, was some pins. We were given three bookish pins.  I loved what they were saying and I cannot wait to show them off.  But where to place them?

 The next item was a feather pen or quill pen. Now when I first saw this I was stoked and could not wait to show my sister who wants to be a writer. However, I just wanted to keep it for myself.  I was not really a fan of how plain the pen was, and felt that there should be some color to the feather.  To make it a bit more realistic.  Though after I tried this one out, I fell in love. It writes beautifully.

 Following the pen was a book with 642 prompts. Now, the quill pen makes sense.  You cannot fill the book up without a pen. I tried filling out some of the prompts. They were fun and entertaining.  This will keep me busy for a while.

IMG_1652One of my favorite items that I got from this box was socks. The irony was that I was thinking about how I needed to buy some more sock.  I loved these socks.  I am wearing them now and they are comfortable. The theme of the socks is censorship.  One side has titles of books while the other sock has the titles blocked out.  You cannot tell much about the socks from the packaging, but they are comfortable.

The last item I received from this box was the book.  We did get a letter from the author as well as a postcard.  I am not sure what to make if the book, not am not as excited to read it since reading what the book is about. Though I will try it out one day.  
I do hope that you enjoyed this unboxing. Hopefully, I will be getting a lot of reviews and posts done since I am on spring break.

In addition, there is a chance to win a free Owlcrate. Remember the Column postcard that is pictured above, it is your job to share what you would write on the column on Instagram using #OWLCRATEKING. This will be going on until May 15, 2016. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to Owlcrate here.

Until next time. Happy reading! Below is all of the pictures that I have taken for the unboxing. I hope that you will enjoy.





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