February 2016 Owl Crate Unboxing

I am so sorry that this post is so late. I have been busy with life. But I would like to get one quick post in before this week is about to start. The February box from Owl crate was one of the few boxes that I enjoyed. It was definitely unique and a lot of fun. The theme for this box was Scifi Love. So let’s get started.

Of course, I had to start any unboxing with a box. I mean… How would one unbox without a box?

IMG_1538 - Copy (2)

Following a box is the theme card. I will show this card again. But for the sake of not spoiling the box, I will not show the back of this card. I must say, I do enjoy the graphic of this card. It is a pretty epic card. I love the cardboard robot with the Owlcrate box head and the owl space cadet. The card makes this box seems pretty epic.

IMG_1539 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Of course the first image of the items, right when I open the box. right now you can see some of the items. When I first looked at it, I was more excited for the box that was inside this box and not the red item (which I thought was a shirt).

IMG_1541 - Copy - Copy

The first item that I took out of the box was that red item that I thought was a shirt. Boy, was I wrong (and glad of it). This bag is the character shipping in the Lunar Chronicles. What a better way to get you stoked for reading a series than getting a bag that you can sport around. Time to get reading and bone up on those ships.

Now time for the box that was within the box! This one was awesome! It is the Tardis from Dr. Who. I have a lot of Dr. Who fans who would love to get their hands on this pin. The pin is made of wood but uses magnets instead of the normal safety pin. It is surprisingly not that heavy. I cannot wait to wear this.

The next item we got was a book. Not the book for this month but we did get a classic, The Time Machine by H.G Wells. From what I am told, H.G Wells is considered as the father of Science Fiction. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book.


The following item that I got was a bookmark with a coupon to Rock Paper Books. If you use the code OWLCRATE15 you can get 15% off anything.

Finally the book of the month! The book that we got this month was The Love the Split the World by Emily Henry. We even got a lovely little note and an autograph sticker to place in the book. I am looking forward to reading this book. It has received some well loved hyped. I am a little excited to be picking this book up.


Finally, all that we are left with are the paper worms.


I am glad that I grabbed a shot of everything that was in this box before I decided to put it away. But here is shot of everything including the back of the spoiler card.

I do hope that you liked this unboxing. I am sorry that it is a little late and I hope that I will be posting more soon. I do have a TBR and a few reviews that I want to post. Until next time. Happy reading!


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