For the Love of Classics TBR 2016

I cannot believe that this readathon is just around the corner. I felt like it was yesterday when I was planning this and thought, yeah, great weekend idea. With only five days left, I have decided to get ready and to create a TBR for this readathon. Let’s begin!

I have set up some challenges. And here they are for review.

  1. To read at least one old classic book
  2. To read at least one modern classic book
  3. To listen to a classic book
  4. To read at least four classic books in five days.
  5. To have fun!

Here are the books that I am planning on reading.

  1. Frankenstein by Mary Shelly – This is only of my many old classic books. I have read parts of this books for a class that I took in college. After I read the parts that I needed to read for class, I became a little curious about reading the whole book.
  2. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson – Again, this is another old classic that I will be reading. However, I believe that this is a reread (again from that same class) and, I have performed a play version of this so there are times where I mix the book and the play together. This will be interesting.
  3. War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells – Again, this is another old classic that I had to read parts of for that class I took in college. I am looking forward to this book since finishing the Imaginarium Geographica series.
  4. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – I have the audio version of this book and I am a little skeptical about reading it. I have heard mix views on this books. On one hand, I have heard nothing but great things, but at the same time, I have heard nothing but bad things.
  5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling – This book will be a reread and I am trying to currently listen to the book. However, the audio book is just frustrating me, so I might switch to reading this book.

I am looking forward to this readathon and please comment below for your plans for next weekend. What are you planning on reading? You can let me know of Facebook and Twitter with #classiclove2016.

Can’t wait to see you next time. Happy Reading!


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