January’s Owlcrate Unboxing!

I am so excited to share with you this months Unboxing.  The theme for this month is Magic. I must admit that I really was looking forward to this month and the possible Harry Potter references. I will admit that I am not disappointed in this box. So, let us begin!

 Of course the first thing that I found in the box was the card.ni will only show you the front down below, but I can tell you that I do love it.  I do not feel like it is magical, but something to deal with card came like Pokemon, or magic. I do love the card, when I saw it it felt like this box fufilled its purpose. 

 The next item in the box was a pop figurehead.  I got Professor Snape. This is somewhat ironic since I was thinking of getting one after Alen Rickman passed away. I am really happy that I got this one.  It is so adorable. 

To continue on the Harry Potter train we have a Patronus Chapstick.  How else are to combat the forces of darkness? This flavor is a white chocolate mint. Don’t get me wrong, it smells good, but it is not my happy flavor. Though it is useful. Sorry about the crummy shot. It was hard to take a picture of it. 

 We also received some artwork from Evie Bookish. She made both the book marks and the quoted picture. They are both beautiful. I will let the artwork speak for themselves.

In addition, we also received a code for a book. The book is not free, but at a discounted price. I have yet to check it out. I have been really busy this week. 

 Finally we have the book and the letter from the author.  I have not heard of this author or this book, but it does seem interesting, and incannotnwait to read it. In addition to the book, we did get a paper doll. 

 Of course the last thing to share with you is the empty box and the back of the spoiler card.  I do hope that you have enjoyed this Unboxing.   Happy reading!



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