December Book Haul

In one way I am impressed with all the books that I have gathered in the month of December. These are not all the books that I have bought. Some of them were gifts that I did not take pictures of. I believe there are six more books to add onto this total. I will admit that the sales were great and they did help. Without the gift books you see a total of 34 books.

I have thought about how I would do this. Originally I just wanted to show you all the books in a picture, but I realize that you cannot see all the titles. So, I will be just listing the titles below, Starting with the picture on the right.

  1. Buttons
  2. Puss in Boots
  3. One Snowy Night
  4. The Secret Garden
  5. Dying to Know you
  6. Born Wicked
  7. Once Upon a Marigold
  8. Lock and Key
  9. In Honor
  10. A Midsummer Tights Dream
  11. Horizon
  12. Infamous
  13. Milkweed
  14. Modelland
  15. Foretold
  16. Wish You Were Eyre
  17. The Unwanteds
  18. The Unwanteds: Island of Silence
  19. The Unwanteds: Island of Fire
  20. The Unwanteds: Island of Ledgens
  21. The Unwanteds: Island of Shipwrecks
  22. The Unwanteds: Island of Graves
  23. A Darker Shade of Magic
  24. Da Vinci Tiger
  25. Ungifted
  26. Angel Tree
  27. Half Upon a Time
  28. The Doll Graveyard
  29. Wicked Lovely
  30. Love Letters to the Dead
  31. Twelve
  32. Firefly Lane
  33. Ruined
  34. Stargate
  35. The Girl of Nightmares – not photoed.

The best part was that I did not spend that much money. I spend about $40 on the whole thing. Way to go Library Book sale (20 books)! $5 book bag is everyone’s favorite day!

I do hope that you enjoyed this book haul. Let me know if there is a better way in the comments below. Thank you and happy reading!


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