Owl Crate Unboxing December 2015

With only two days left before Christmas, I am glad that I got this box. It was like having a little early Christmas.

This month’s theme was Get Inspired. I must say the image does inspire me to read. Most importantly, it inspires warmth and adventures. The more I look at this front image of the card, the more I am inspire to find a way to get there and finish reading my book.

Of course the first thing that I saw in the box was the card telling you this months theme and all the little goodies inside. I promise that I will not show you the back of the card until the end of this post, but I can say that I enjoyed the artwork.


Okay, the next item that was in the box was a bookish themed little candle called Reading at the Cafe. The scent is not that bad. It is a mixture of Chocolate and Coffee. It also has an underlining musty scent. This was done by Frostbeard Studios. They will also give 15% off of your first order if you use the promo code OWLCRATEBOOKNERD. You should check out their site. They are closed for the holidays but I can guarantee you that I want some candles and I cannot choose which ones I want.

The next item that I received was a book journal. I cannot wait to use this for 2016! I really like the color and the style of the book. I also like how small it is and easy to use. There are also some great quotes and places to put down ideas the to be read books and authors for the year. This is a really great inspirational book. Thank you Owlcrate, thank you.

The following item that I received was a cute little to do list from Boy Girl Party. Their packaging was done so good that I did not see the coupon until I was writing this experience. Use the Promo Code OWLCRATE for 10% off of your order. It will last until January 31, 2016. Let’s just say that the to-do list is so cute that it is not inspiring me to use it, but I do want to get things done. I will admit that I love the format of the list and how it will help you organize your day.


The second to last item that I got in this box was a magnet. It is a very beautiful magnet, but to me it is not that inspirational. I never have read The Boy Prince, which the image is based off of. Other than that, I must say that the image is quite beautiful.


We are finally to the last item of the box. The book! This month’s book is The Divinci’s Tiger, by L.M.Elliott. I really have not heard of this book, but it is about a young woman who befriends young Davinci and is thrust into the world of renaissance art. This book also came with some magnets. Can’t wait to see if this book is for me.

Finally, we get to the end. An empty box with some worms and the back of the card. I do hope that you enjoyed this months box. I will admit that last month’s box is my favorite, but there are a lot of items that I enjoyed and cannot wait to use.

That is it. I do hope that you enjoyed this unboxing and I cannot wait to see you. Hope that your holidays are going great and happy reading.



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