Cramathon day 3

Alright… I will admit, I did not get as much reading as I had plan.  Originally I was suppose to be at work for a few hours, which meant that I had the majority of the day for myself.  The day even started out perfectly. I was able to finish The Rest of us Just Live Her by Patrick Ness before I started work. In fact I had a spare hour left to read The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron.  After that, evrything went down hill.  I only needed to work for three hours.  Three! However, when was don, we made such a mess that I decided that it was only right to put things back in order. What was suppose to be finished by one at the latest, was finished by 2-2:30. I got home a little late, made a little lunch and got destructed by this magical thing called the Internet and life. I was not able to get back to reading until 5, by then I got really sick. I am not sure what it was, but I am still feeling the effects. At least I was able to fish my second book, but by the time I finish all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. That is what I just did.  I did not even bother to update Goodreads or my blog.  I was just exhausted. 

My goal for today is just to read The First Dragon by James A. Owen. It is only a 258 page book.  I am just going to take it slow today.  

Wishing everyone the best for today. I will talk to you later, and happy reading. 


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