November Wrap Up and December TBR

I cannot believe that it is the end of November. I did not get a lot of reading done, but what I got done was good.

So the books that I have read in November were Hero, Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer, and Soundless. Wow! That looks so small and pathetic compared to some of my other months. I am not complaining. The books that I have read were good and the reviews will be up shortly. On top of that, I was able to complete both of the challenges. In a way, it is a win-win scenario.  Now let’s switch to the month of December.

So this months challenge is to read a series finale. Which fits for the final month of the year. I have several books that I could go through. I could easily finish the last few books of Harry Potter, or finish the 80AD series that I started to reread for the 2014 booktube-a-thon. I can even finish reading the Imaginarium Geographica series since I only have the last book left.

For this month, I will not have a TBR. I enjoy making lists, and being able to complete them, but this month I want to focus on the joys of reading. I am not saying that I did not enjoy reading for the previous months, but I don’t want to plan what I am going to read. I want to come across a book and pick it up and read it just because I want to, not because it is on my list for this month.

As it stands, I have read 137 books this year. This is the most that I have ever read. I am really proud of that accomplishment. In previous years, I have always been under 100.

I am still a little bit sick and need to go to bed early. For now, I will just look for my next read and will be talking to you later. Happy Reading!


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