First 12 Hours of Gobble Up Books Readathon

How have your first 12 hours been? How many books have you read? Have you spent time with family and loves one? If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, did you enjoy your feast?

I hope you have. My first twelve hours have been pretty good. I have been able to not only eat dinner with the family, but I have been able to finish reading a book. In addition to all that success, I feel as though I am a bit more interactive with the community on both Facebook and Twitter However, I still need to work out that balance.

I do have a funny story to share. In creating my hashtag, I ended up renaming this readathon. The original name was Gobble Books Up, but I forgot the order of the words when I created the hashtag and ended up putting #gobbleupbooksreadathon, hence changing the title of the readathon to Gobble Up Books. I feel as though it is an improvement, and thus it a permanent change.  If you have realized that I have changed the title of the previous post, you are right. I did change it for a good cause. I do hope that you will like the change.

I will be going to bed soon. I was not planning on going to bed around midnight with this cold, but I got caught up in the book I was reading. Can’t wait to talk to you later. Happy Reading!


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