November update 2015

I am sitting here watching the rain fall at a local Starbucks waiting to start working.  In one way it sucks because I had to take my sister to work at 7:00 in the morning, and all I want to do is sit by a fireplace snuggled in a nice soft warm blanket and read.  Instead, I am cold, wrapped up in my winter coat, at this Starbucks waiting for the magic hour of 10:30 to hit so I can get into my car and drive to work.  California can be crazy.  I did look into the weather and it claimed that it would rain from 8 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon.  That was when I first checked into it at 5:30 this morning.  When I double checked at 6:40, it claimed that we MIGHT have rain from 9 to 11.  It is 8:30, and it is raining.  I’m not one to complain.  We need the rain here is California, but the rain does not inspire me to work.  It really encourages me to be lazy, and I will not be able to complete my desire for a nice warm blacket, a cozy fire, and a good book.  😢 

However, you are not here to listen to me rant about the weather.  You here to see how I have progress with my reading for this month.  I have finished one book and helped edit another.  Other than that, my reading has been nonexistent this month.  I have been busy balancing four jobs and helping my mom out with my grandma.  I am glad that I am on break, because I really need it.  I have not done any sleeping in or reading so far, but I do have plans for it starting tomorrow.   I am also planning on doing a lot of posts too,  since I feel like I have neglected you for the past few weeks.  

So far that is my update.  Sorry it is a bit short, but I do hope that you are enjoying your day, and that you feel happy. See you next time and happy reading! 


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