November 2015 Owlcrate Unboxing

Okay, it is that time of month again! Let me tell you, I am excited to be sharing this box with you. This has been my favorite box so far, and it is only my third box. The theme for this box is fairy tales.  I do hope that you enjoyed this box just as much as I am. 

To start off, I will tell you that I did shake the box before I opened.  I could tell you that at that moment of time I was excited for the large item, that was not the book, that was in the box.  It as hard to wait to open the box, when I knew I would have the time to take pictures.  So let’s begin the Unboxing!

Of course the first thing that I saw when I opened the box was card containing all the information. Of the items that were in the box.  I will post the back of this card at the end of this post.  

The next item that I pulled out of the box was the box.  However, for some reason I pulled out all these business cards and a small pocket mirror.  I believe that they were on top of the other large item. I will post the cards here in case you would like using the codes for anything that you like. The pocket mirror was the one item I was not found of at first.  I did not realize it was a pocket mirror until I read the back of the cards.  To be honest, I thought it was an incomplete pin. However,in did enjoy the fish print.  Again, it was not until I read the back of the card did I realize that it was suppose to be a part of a mermaid. 

The next item that was in the package was a cute tin of tea.  The title of the flavor is called Red Ridding Hood.  It has cranberry, start errors, apples, and other flavor a.  I can tell you that the tea does smell divine.  I am not really a tea drinker, so my sister is trying the tea out.  She seemed a little skeptical, and I will let you know what she thinks about the tea.  But so far, I am excited with the box, and I do love the design.  For some strange reason, Red Ridding Hood is one of the few old fairy tales that I have not read.  
After that, I pulled out a few mor small things.  One of them was a Camp Half Blood Bracelet.  I was stoke to see this.  I am still not sure how it really fits, but the cards was claiming that you could not have your traditional fairy tales without your historiacal God/ goddess stories from old.  Which makes sense.  However, the connections seems a little far net he’d, thought I am not complaining.  I have been wanting this bracelet for a while, and I am glad that I have it.   

The next item, I am actually wearing it right now as I am finishing up this post.  I must say, I am in love with it.  It is a castle locket.  I would love where I can place photos in it, but I find the locket wonderful and full of some fun details, inside and out.   There is even a code for a discount. 

Finally the last item in the box was the book.  I am so stoked to begin seeing this box.  It is funny, because I was able to get a deal to get this book as an ebook  for really cheap and I almost bought it.  I also got a book mark and some temporary tattoos that went with another series that the author has written.  

Finally, as I promised, I will give you the back of the card.  I must appologize for the horrible quality of these photos.  It was the first time I have taken photos with my work iPad.  I will also admit that the lighting is really bad.  It was night time when I opened the box.  I am not joking when I told you that I was not patient to open the box.  My room does not have the greatest lighting.  I do hoe that your week will be amazing.  I am off this week since it is Thanksgiving time here in the States.  I might even have a short read-a-thon here by the end of the week.  I will let you know.  

That is the end of the Unboxing.  Have many great adventures my friends. Until next time, Happy Reading! 


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