Owl Crate Unboxing October 2015

finally, I got some time to myself. Sadly I am freezing at Starbucks waiting for my youngest sister, but it is still time that I am getting to do this post.  I must apologize for not being able to upkeep my posting like I have promised, I have just been busy.  By the time I finally get home it is time for me to get ready for bed.  But you do not want to hear me rant about my week, you want to see what this months Owl Crate box gave out. I will admit that this one was not one of my favorite boxes. However, I do believe that you will enjoy getting to see what I got. So let us begin. 

Of course the first thing that receive was the post card talking about this months theme and the items that I got in the box. But I will not show you the back of the card until the end. So here is the front. 

I will admit that I did enjoy the artwork on the post card.nit is something worthy of wall art. Definitely gave off that Halloween vibe.  The second thing that I got from the box was a small bag with Egar Allen Poe’s face all over it.  This was something that I was not into that much. In fac, I took the bag out and had tonexplainit to the kids that I worked with on who was on the cover of the bag and what he was famous for. But the bag is made of a really good quality, thick material and a sturdy zipper. Very functional and useful. Check out the bag bellow.  

The third item I grab was a two part item. I got some incence that was book related with a book mark that explained a bit more about the company. I didn’t see a code on the book mark, but I will double check. If there is a code, I will post it up. The scent was titled Vampire’s Lair. I really enjoyed this scent. It was a bit musty, but it made me feel like I was in an old library collection. Though I am not sure where I will place the scented beads. But all in all, I did enjoy the scent and their website is pretty cool.  

The forth item I loved. I found them really cute, and impossible to use due to their adorableness. This item was two book marks.  They were just too cute. Check them out yourself.  

Fifth items were cute. They were candy skulls erasers. I enjoyed the color and almost used them for decorating the classroom. But I decided to not to, because I did not want to share them. So they are now decorating my bedroom.  I enjoyed the colors and the details were simple but cute.  

 Okay, so now on to the last item I received. The book. This months book was A Madness SomDescreet, by Mindy McGinnis. I have been hearing about this book on book tube and have heard nothing but great and amazing things.  I do not know a whole lot about this book, but I am looking forward to reading it. I have heard so many great things about this book, and have actually thought about buying it for a while. 

Finally the last thing I promised to post for you . The back of the post card.  

 I do hope that you enjoyed this post.  Happy reading! 


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