Future (Bucket List) TBR reads

It is amazing how much time that this post took me. I started writing this post at the end of September and now it is the middle of October. I was actually inspired to do this TBR because I was not in the mood to read let alone to create a TBR for October (which by the way is no where near completed). To give you an idea what this TBR is about, it is a list of books I would love to read, but never get a chance to do so. Kind of like a bucket list TBR. Just to note, this list is in no particular order, I just have it in numerical order to look nice.

  1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. I have always wanted to read this series, and I have actually tried. However, because of school, I was never able to finish the series. I even have two copies of the book (all three books bound) and the books on audio on my MP3 device. I would love to finish the series, I am tired of hearing great this about this book.
  2. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. I am not into scary books and movie, however, the premise of this book is fascinating and I want to read this book. I have been wanting to read it for a while now, but have been to afraid to do so.
  3. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster – I have read a portion of this book aloud to the kids that I was babysitting. At the time that I was reading the book, I was making a mental note to pick it up and read it. However, the reality is that I never picked it up once I went home from that babysitting job.
  4. The Lunar Chronicles by Stephanie Mayers – This series is actually a little bit of a shocker. After the Twilight fiasco (It being a horrible thing to pick up Twilight and reading them) I vowed to never pick up another Stephanie Mayers’s book. I was not in the mood to deal with the drama of a popular series or which team I needed to be on. Once was enough. However, the Lunar Chronicles have gained some really positive momentum. This really positive vibe has made me to reevaluate my decision. On top of it, I love fracture fairy tales and the curiosity of how Mayers made the story her own is one I want to read.
  5. The Immortals Trilogy by Alyson Noel – Around 2008 I was helping out at my sisters’ elementary school book fair. As was the deal, I could help out and receive three books for free. One of these books was the spin off series for this series, The Riley Bloom Series. I love Riley Bloom and her sister Ever does exist in this series. It was not until I was into the third book did I realize that I was reading a spin off, and thus when I found out I wanted to read the original Immortals series.
  6. The Color Purple by Alice Walker – Let me be honest. I wanted to watch this movie because Whoopi Goldberg was in it. However, once I found out that there was a book, I wanted to read the book. I will also admit that I really know nothing about this book except it is taking place in the south.
  7. Becasue of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea – A long, long time ago(2011), when I got my first Nook, I was introduced to Goodreads, and well Goodreads introduced me to this book. It was the first book they suggested to me because of my love of middle grade novels. The book sounded fascinating on how one teacher changed the life of six kids, however my budget said no to buying the book and thus why this book is on this list.
  8. MacBeth by William Shakespeare – I have always wanted to read this book since I first heard about it freshman year of high school, even after the disaster with Othello during my senior year of high school. Part of that allure was knowing that the play was considered cursed. I just wanted to know what made it such bad luck to say the word in the drama/acting world. However, the more I spend time looking at the play the more that I fear that I will not like it, or gain the full experience when I read it by myself.
  9. The First Dragon by James A. Owen – This is the last book from James A. Owens Imaginarium Geographica series. I have real all the other books, but something stops me from reading this one whenever I try and pick it up. Part of it is that I do not want the series to end and not finishing the last book means that the series will continue for however long that I want it to continue. Eventually, I do want to pick up this book and find out what happen to all my friends and authors.
  10. Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery – I will admit that I read the first book in this series. However, at the time, I never knew that it was a series and I just read the first book.Ever since I found out that it was a series I wanted to reread the first book and to finish the rest of the series.
  11. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells – Remember one of my previous books where I mentioned how I want to know what will happen to all my friends. Well James A. Owen’s characters are authors throughout history taking care of both our world and  The Archipelago of Dreams. Because of Mr. Owen, I wanted to read books based off of the character/authors that I was reading. Well one of my favorite characters is H.G. Wells. I would love to read his work and be able to compare it with the character that Mr. Owen brought back to life.
  12. Inkworld Series by Cornelia Funke – Let me be honest, I only finished the first book, and that book was daunting. It was also the book that brought me into a huge reading slump. I would spend hours reading and feel like I did make any progress. Hence why it is on this list. I would love to finish this series, but I do not want to be discourage from reading either.

So there it is, my grand bucket list TBR. I do hope that you found this fun and that I will get to see you soon. Happy reading!


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