Writing 101 Day 11 – To Write or not to Write?

Day 11 was looking at what we do when we are away from the computer and not writing post. Here is my response. I do hope that you will enjoy.

Busy as a bee

Working from one job to three

Up and Down I will travel and go

Forgetting my balance long ago.

    Away from my table

Where p[ens and papers are label

Sits lonely my computer and chair

All together they wait and stare.

Thoughts are flying through my head

Where I can only organize them in my bed

Sitting late at night

Wondering to write or not write.


5 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 11 – To Write or not to Write?

  1. This sounds like my “pre-writing” process, everything from the late at night to the busy as a bee. Very nice! This is also my first time stopping by, and I love your background! Gorgeous antique books! I want them!

    • My schedule is always crazy. I never know what my schedule will look for the following day. I have a tentative plan, but that’s it.

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